Booking Engine

Why use our booking engine?

Get direct bookings on your website and facebook, commission free. No matter if You manage hotel, hostel, villa, apartments or travel agency - we've got You covered.

The exclusive features that our system offers and whose design requirements have been set by many agencies, property owners, and the hotels we partner with make the latest version of the system the most complete. Our system is extremely flexible and the most competent software for booking accommodation in the region, and recently our claim is proven by international clients who started implementing our system.


Secure Transactions

Fast integration


Multi-language system

Sync to 50+ channels offers you a system that is implemented on the site of a accommodation facility, hotel, tourist organization or travel agency. Installation is quick and easy. For starters, an online form is put on the website that gives your prospective guests the opportunity to book one or more accommodations immediately without waiting for an email or any type of query.

After the guest makes a reservation through the system, the system automatically sends the guest a confirmation of accommodation, price and all other information. Confirmation can be received via email or phone number left by the guest. Confirmation also arrives at the hotel or agency that a new reservation has arrived, with guest information, payment method and other details.


The system is extremely flexible and easy to use. Provides you with options such as changing the price per accommodation unit, standard or extra bed, extra charge for pets, sojourn tax, defining discounts for certain days or things, extra payments for children, additional services, etc. Different price lists per accommodation facility can increase the sales volume due to the sheer variety of offers. The biggest advantage is that when it comes to booking, there can be no overbooking, because at the same time on 50+ different websites your property is booked and makes it impossible to place bookings on already occupied dates.

Facebook booking application

• Allow guests to book your accommodation via the facebook application.

• Don't miss out on the large number of bookings coming from this social network.

• Complete statistics.

• No additional cost.

• the online booking system for your facebook page has a currency change at all times as well as a language change, a secure transaction and no maintenance required.


Optimized for mobile

Our system also has a mobile version of the app, which allows guests to book accommodation from their phone or tablet. The mobile version has all the basic information that guests need (price lists, discounts, surcharges, additional costs, sojourn tax, etc.) and thus allows any user to easily book accommodation. After the reservation, the guest receives an SMS with confirmation of the same reservation.

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