What is Channel Manager?

Channel Manager is a module that allows you to advertise your accommodation to over 50 online travel agencies at once (such as Booking, AirBnB, Expedia, Hotels, HomeAway, Trip Advisor, etc.). Your property would receive the best advertisement on all global OTAs with whom we have partnership & certified connection required for seamless synchronization.

Reach 100% occupancy with no overbooking. 1 Calendar to manage all reservations, rates & availability. The name is OTASYNC.


A certified 2-way connection lets you seamlessly sync across all channels simultaneously. If we received a reservation on one site (say Booking.com), that reservation would be extended to other websites (AirBnB, Expedia…) and those dates would be booked. This prevents the most common mistakes, such as overbooking, where an object would be booked on one website but open on another, causing inconvenience such as canceling one or more bookings.

The system also gives you the ability to open or close specific dates if a private reservation occurs (outside all partner channels)

With our system you can also manage slightly more advanced things such as check-in and check-out times, minimum stay, quick changes for longer periods, change of prices based on specific dates or weekends, have different price lists (possibility refund, no refund, all-inclusive, half board, etc.). Your options are limitless.

The system is also integrated with the booking engine we provide with our system, so the booking system on your website can serve as an additional sales channel, which will also be synchronized with other websites. This means that all prices and bookings will be synchronized across all our sales channels + on your site.

Increase visibility and reservation of accommodation

Manage your housing units and update
prices and bookings through one extranet

Receive reservations through your site,
Booking, Expedia and over 50 sales channels

Great time savings in day jobs such as
closing availability until facility updates

No more overbooking

Access from any device, anytime.
Everything is online 24/7

Unlimited rooms and price lists

Certified 2-way and 1-way connection
to all sales channels

The flexibility of the system allows
the use of both the owners of few
apartments and the owners of the hotel.

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