Discover Multiproperty Booking Engine

Seamlessly integrate a locally customized booking engine into your website. Drive increased bookings to lodging partners while creating a better experience for travelers and tangible results for you.

Integrated by 100+ channel managers

Specifically created for

Destination Marketing Organizations


Online Travel Agencies

How it works?

This feature refers to the various types of access modes that are available for different users within a property rental system. Specifically, it outlines the different levels of access that guests, property owners, and booking portal owners can have.

Capture and maintain your unique brand with customized filters, content, maps, promotions, and supply listings – all while giving your guests the best access available to the best lodging available.

Automatically translated on all major languages and connected with all major accommodation suppliers and payment processors so you can start in matter of few hours with your own OTA website.

OTA connections

We have integration with all major OTAs such as Booking.com, Expedia and similar and also with other channel managers so you dont have to be forced to use our channel manager.

Integration with Payment Processors

OTA Payments is a fully integrated payment gateway that uses automation to instantly process transactions with just a single click or no click at all.

  • Fully connected with your PMS
  • Manage flexible & non-refundable payments
  • Automatically charge virtual credit cards
  • Save Time & Increase Revenue
  • Security you can rely on
  • No hidden fees

First Party Data & Measure Results

With first-party data capture and robust analytics and reporting tools, you’ll gain valuable travel insights that allow you to optimize your offerings, remarket to guests, and show attribution for your efforts.