Airbnb adjusts the option for monthly rentals

Airbnb adjusts the option for monthly rentals

The company, considered one of the leaders in innovation for short-term reservations, is one of the companies most severely affected by the crisis in the tourism industry due to the Covid19 coronavirus. Due to changes in the market, Airbnb is making changes to its business model by customizing its site for guests who want to rent an apartment on a monthly basis.

The company’s chief executive, Brian Cesky, made the plan public, just days after the information was released that the platform was able to raise another $ 1 billion. This move was crucial for them to reduce pressure due to the large number of reservations canceled.

The platform also faces problems due to requests from local authorities in certain countries, such as the UK, where accommodation owners are expected to close their calendars by the end of the crisis.

The company assumes that the market will turn to longer residues in the coming period. According to their reports, one in seven bookings is currently long-term. The longest reservation the site has had so far is over 700 days.

Over 80% of the owners and managers of accommodation on this platform currently accept long-term reservations and allow discounts for bookings that are 30+ days in duration.

In the long run, real estate management companies believe this is not an innovation and is merely a return to the traditional way of renting real estate. How this decision will affect Airbnb status in countries where accommodation owners rent out their properties remains to be seen in the coming period.

Naš savet ostaje da u skladu sa neizvešnošću, prilagodite svoju otkaznu politiku da bude fleksibilnija, da omogućite popuste gostima koji planiraju duže ostanke i da dodatne naknade (npr. naknada za čišćenje) budu prilagođene na nivo realnog troška, ako se dodatno naplaćuju.

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