Airbnb announced a global ban on organized parties in accommodation

Airbnb announced a global ban on organized parties in accommodation

On August 19, Airbnb announced a global ban on organizing parties and events in all accommodations advertised on their site. This ban applies to all future bookings and will be valid until further notice.

How and why did this happen?

The new spread of the Covid19 virus, especially in the USA, has caused a large number of complaints from local authorities, as well as concerned neighbors and accommodation owners who have noticed that guests do not give up in organizing gatherings.

Although most guests follow the recommendations of local epidemiological experts, a number of guests put themselves and others at risk.

This move did not come suddenly, because for a long time now there has been a current ban on Airbnb for “party accommodations”, ie accommodations that are specially made for that. From the moment the pandemic was declared, the pressure on accommodation owners and managers became drastically higher due to the epidemiological risk.

How will the ban work?

  • Parties and events are strictly forbidden
  • The number of people who can stay in accommodation is now a maximum of 16. This originally refers to large accommodations that have so far been allowed to receive over 16 guests.
  • For hotels and accommodation that have the prerequisites to receive over 16 guests in their rooms, a new solution is required so that it can be implemented on the site.
  • When booking, guests will be informed about the new rule and that ignoring this rule leads to a violation of the Rules and Policies of the platform.

Guests and owners who try to circumvent this rule put themselves in a situation where they are removed from the platform and all further reservations are canceled and reuse is prohibited.

If you have a problem with guests, we remind you that you should contact the customer support of the site as soon as possible, in order to solve all problems as soon as possible and avoid undesirable situations and inconveniences.

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