Reach better occupancy with channel manager

Channel Manager is a module that allows you to connect & synchronize your OTA channels (such as Booking.com, AirBnB, Expedia, Hotels.com, HomeAway, Trip Advisor, etc.).


Receive the best advertisement on all global OTAs

A certified 2-way connection lets you seamlessly sync across all channels simultaneously. This prevents the most common mistakes, such as overbooking, where an object would be booked on one website but open on another, causing inconvenience such as canceling one or more bookings.

It has native integration in with our outsdanding PMS which means everything you do directly just in the PMS itself while channel manager synchronize OTA channels behind the curtain almost instantly allowing you doing everyhting from single system.

The system is also integrated with the booking engine we provide with our system, so the booking system on your website can serve as an additional sales channel, which will also be synchronized with other websites. This means that all prices and bookings will be synchronized across all our sales channels + on your site.

Get more advanced things

With our system you can also manage slightly more advanced things such as:

  • Auto-yield rate plans
  • Minimum stay & Release period
  • Bulk changes for large date ranges
  • Change of prices based on specific dates or weekends
  • Linked Calendars. Virtual Rooms.
  • Different price lists (possibility free cancellation, no refund, room-only, breakfast, half board, etc.)
  • ... and much much more

Increase visibility and reservation of accommodation

One to rule them all

One administration to control 100+ OTA channels

Increase your revenue

More exposure = more bookings

More bookings but 0 overbookings

Let our technology work for you - stress free

Android and iOS apps

Best on the market, work on the go

Super easy interface

Easier than writing an email

Simple transfer

Automatically import all current bookings in our system

Multiproperty compatible

More properties does not mean more complications

Your data is saved and secured

All encrypted and auto daily backup on the cloud

OTA connections

We have 2-way xml connection with all major OTAs. Most important are Booking.com, AirBnB, Expedia Group, CTrip, HotelBeds, WebBeds etc. For other channels we have our own iCal link generator.


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  • Easy setup with walkthrough
  • Dedicated account manager
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