Can guests cancel free on Booking?

Depending on your cancellation policy, guests are clearly indicated what the free cancellation period is. The guest has the option to request a free cancellation during the period when it is not possible according to your policy, and it is up to you whether you approve it or not on […]

Why do I have a few reservations from Airbnb?

Airbnb is a site that has several important specifics that should be met in order for your visibility, and therefore sales to be as good as possible – detailed items on the equipment of the apartment, high quality photos, pictorial descriptions and most importantly competitive (lowest acceptable) price. .

What is Expedia Collect?

Expedia Collect – with its 2 options: Expedia Virtual Card (EVC) and Expedia Pay. Expedia Virtual Card (EVC) is an option that will be active if you have a POS terminal and the ability to charge virtual cards. The guest will pay the entire amount of the reservation by card, […]

How do guests pay with

Guests who book their accommodation through have the option of choosing the method of payment (by card or cash). Hotel Collect – means that the guest has chosen to pay in cash when he arrives at the facility. The method of paying the commission to Expedia in this situation […]

How do guests pay with

Guests from Airbnb pay exclusively by card and the full amount at the time of booking. Airbnb will charge the guest, and will send you the net part that belongs to you the day after the check-in, keeping your commission (so you have no obligation to pay the commission every […]

How do I cancel a reservation from Airbnb?

Canceling reservations through Airbnb is very complicated and you can end up with significant penalties if the owner cancels the reversion (that figure goes up to $ 100). It is very important that your calendar is up to date, so that you can always welcome guests from Airbnb. Also, Airbnb […]

How do I cancel a reservation from Booking?

When the guest makes a reservation, it is confirmed immediately and therefore it is not possible to cancel the reservation. Depending on your policies, the guest may cancel the booking using the link in their booking confirmation received by email or via their Booking account. In some cases, you can […]