Why do I have a few reservations from Airbnb?

Airbnb is a site that has several important specifics that should be met in order for your visibility, and therefore sales to be as good as possible – detailed items on the equipment of the apartment, high quality photos, pictorial descriptions and most importantly competitive (lowest acceptable) price. .

How do I refund money to a guest?

If you have charged an advance or the entire reservation through your POS Terminal, the only chance for a refund is to send a letter to the bank with an attachment of the slip image of the transaction and ask them to make a chargeback. If the guest has already […]

Can guests cancel for free on Expedia?

Depending on your cancellation policy, guests are clearly indicated what the free cancellation period is. The guest can ask you to cancel the reservation free of charge in the period when it is not possible according to your policy, so it is necessary to include the support of Expedia in […]

How does Expedia work?

Expedia is a group of sites with over 50 websites present in the world. Most guests book from Western countries as well as from Scandinavia. Until this year, only facilities with 10 or more accommodation units in Montenegro could apply to this site. As one of the initiators for reducing […]

How do I cancel a reservation with Expedia?

What can be done from the beginning of 2020 is to cancel the reservation with Expedia, whether it is Expedia Collect or Hotel collect. First you need to log in to the Expedia extranet and then in the booking details there is a REQUEST TO CANCEL RESERVATION button that you […]

How do I cancel a reservation from Airbnb?

Canceling reservations through Airbnb is very complicated and you can end up with significant penalties if the owner cancels the reversion (that figure goes up to $ 100). It is very important that your calendar is up to date, so that you can always welcome guests from Airbnb. Also, Airbnb […]

How do guests pay with Booking.com?

Guests booking through Booking.com pay money most often upon arrival, in cash or by card. If your cancellation policy states otherwise, then the guest may be required to pay in advance or be allowed to pay by card to a virtual card.