How do guests pay with

Guests who book their accommodation through have the option of choosing the method of payment (by card or cash).
Hotel Collect – means that the guest has chosen to pay in cash when he arrives at the facility. The method of paying the commission to Expedia in this situation works the same as on Booking in the sense that Expedia will send you an invoice at the beginning of the month for the previous one.
Expedia Collect – with its 2 options: Expedia Virtual Card (EVC) and Expedia Pay. Expedia Virtual Card (EVC) is an option that will be active if you have a POS terminal and the ability to charge virtual cards. The guest will pay the entire amount of the reservation by card, Expedia will charge that amount, and you will be issued a virtual card on Extranet (with a net amount, retaining your commission) from which you will be able to withdraw money one day after check-in. If, on the other hand, you do not have the option of online payment, and the guest has chosen to pay by card, Expedia will do it for you (Expedia Pay), while you have the obligation to send a payment request to Expedia via Extranet for each reservation. Expedia will pay directly to your account 30 days from the day you sent the request (not from the day of booking).

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