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Why do I need OTA Sync?

Channel Manager is a module that allows you to connect & synchronize your OTA channels (such as Booking.com, AirBnB, Expedia, Hotels.com, HomeAway, Trip Advisor, etc.). No overbookings!

Central reservation system for all types of accommodation: hotels, hostels, villas, campsites, apartments, tourist organizations and travel agencies.

Cloud-based front desk system which helps you manage your daily operations from one place for an efficient property management.

Increase visibility and reservation of accommodation

One to rule them all

One administration to control 100+ OTA channels

Increase your revenue

More exposure = more bookings

More bookings but 0 overbookings

Let our technology work for you - stress free

Android and iOS apps

Best on the market, work on the go

Super easy interface

Easier than writing an email

Simple transfer

Automatically import all current bookings in our system

Multiproperty compatible

More properties does not mean more complications

Your data is saved and secured

All encrypted and auto daily backup on the cloud

Channel Manager

Channel Manager is a module that allows you to advertise your accommodation to over 50 online travel agencies at once (such as Booking, AirBnB, Expedia, Hotels, HomeAway, Trip Advisor, etc.)

Booking Engine

Central reservation system for all types of accommodation: hotels, hostels, villas, campsites, apartments, tourist organizations and travel agencies.

Hotel Management Solution

Cloud-based front desk system which helps you manage your daily operations from one place for an efficient property management.


Reviews from our clients

“OTA Sync represents a superior cloud platform designed for efficient management of hotels and other types of accommodation facilities. By integrating with over 100 online agencies, direct booking at no additional cost and a mobile application for on-the-go management, this solution promises to increase team productivity, eliminate errors and grow revenue.”

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Doubled direct bookings
Alexandra R.

Front-desk Manager, HR

“Previously I have used an on-premise PMS and channel manager on top of that. Costs were high, and I had to invest too much time in onboarding employees as we have one individual hotel. With OTA Sync I have saved 2 hours per employee per day and dozens of thousands in unnecessary costs.“

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Faster employee onbaordings

Sales Manager, ES

“We used a popular PMS that almost all large hotels use along with a popular channel manager. With that we had a separate Guest Experience app and some hotel operations app. In total we had to maintain 4 different systems that frequently failed. After tough negotiations with our manager, the OTA Sync team arrived at our hotel and the employees are so happy with it that we feel like every day we have an extra 4 hours to dedicate to things we couldn't do before.”

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Guest rating

General Manager

“Making the decision to switch to another system was difficult for us. When we tried OTA Sync PMS, we realized that it was the best decision. An incredibly simple calendar with countless useful functions such as Banquet definitely made our business easier and brought us a 20% increase in revenue in a short period of time. Congratulations to the team and customer support, they are excellent!”

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More revenue in 1 month
Nikola J.

Revenue Manager, RS

Monitor your Accommodation from anywhere

Use the OTA Sync superior mobile app to always keep an eye on how your accommodation is doing. It gives you instant access to all key figures, reservations & even MRZ scanner for guest documents.


Frequent Questions

No, there is no setup fee.

Starter comes with 15 units included in the starting price. Regular with 20 units. Professional with 25 units.
Every additional unit is charged as per pricing on the each package. For annual billing there is 20% discount on everything.
*A unit can be room, apartment s, bungallow or villa, what ever is considered as a renting unit in your property.

Depending on your plan, we will send an invoice accordingly. We partnered with STRIPE so you can pay via your prefered payment method quick & secure. We accept all major payment methods including credit cards.

No, you do not. We host on our own servers on the cloud and there is no need for any local machine installations. No need to download any kind of software, these are systems of the past. We reccommend you to use Google Chrome as it is the most avanced browser nowadays and support latest technolodgies we are using.

VAT is excluded & charged on the price if applicable.

Of course, we never plan to stop growing and adding new functions for our clients, you can check our public roadmap.

Yes, we do. If you choose annual subscription we offer 20% discount.

In the rooms number input 100 and divide price with 3. That would be your price. Example: for 100 rooms price is 383.50EUR/month. For hostel with 100 beds price is 383.5 / 3 = 127.83EUR per month.

You love OTA Sync but would like to change into a yearly or monthly contract. No problem, you can do so any time. Simply send us an e-mail to: officeATotasync.me.

No, you never have to pay a commission when you receive a booking. We operate with a flat fee model only. You can view our prices here.

Yes, we do have both. More details can be found here.

Yes we do! And we are more than glad to strike a custom deal for every single one of our new partners. You can check some details here. Please send us an email on office@otasync.me.

Please use our specialized helpdesk par of the website where You will found answers on almost all of Your questions. If not then submit a ticket.

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