OTA Payments

Make every payment fast, secure and automatic!

OTA Payments is a fully integrated payment gateway that uses automation to instantly process transactions with just a single click or no click at all.


Current payment methods and we continuously work on adding new ones


Available payment options might differ based on your location

Payments made easy!

With one click manage all hotel transactions fast and secure.


Fully connected with your PMS

OTA Payments are quick, easy and integrated into OTA Sync PMS. Real-time payments are also enabled on your Booking Engine.

When your future guests make a reservation, they can pay the accommodation charges easily and reliably, along with all other reservation-related fees, such as taxes and extra services.

Manage flexible & non-refundable payments

Whether it’s a flexible or a non-refundable reservation, the payment process is just as easy with OTA Payments.


Automatically charge virtual credit cards

Tired of charging virtual credit cards one by one every day?

Using OTA Payments, each day all Virtual Cards are automatically charged and you just get that beautiful report in the morning, saving valuable time and effort.

Save Time & Increase Revenue

Either by saving 10 hours a week by automatizing the payment process and focusing on other stuff or by getting more money from your customers by charging them as soon as they book you will increase your revenue.


Security you can rely on

OTA Payments has been built to incorporate the industry’s highest security standards. Property and guest data is always stored and processed safely, with automated processes reducing the risk of fraud, theft or manual errors.



PCI DSS compliance

Microsoft Azure servers and payment gateway provider are fully PCI DSS compliant.



All card details are tokenized, meaning no raw data sits within OTA Sync.


End-to-end encryption

From the first interaction to the last, all sensitive information is encrypted.


PSD2 compliance

Process electronic payments to the highest regulatory standards with PSD2 compliance.


Chargeback support

Learn how to prevent fraudulent chargebacks and get OTA Sync support when defending claims.


3D Secure authentication

Protect your business against card payment fraud with 3D Secure for all online transactions.


No hidden fees

We want to be transparent - using OTA Payments incurs no additional costs. You will only be charged after every successful transaction.

OTA Payments charges a 0.5% handling fee for each successful transaction. You can learn more about Stripe's transaction fees here.

Payment Automation

Eliminate manual errors and free your staff from repetitive credit card data entry. Smart payment automation lets you forget the awkward money conversations and focus on what’s really important: meaningful guest engagement.


One-click payments

Initiate payments with single click – perfect for a contact-free experience.


Payments overview

See a real-time overview of all payment activity.


Inventory updates

Your inventory updates automatically in OTA Sync whenever a purchase is made.


Payment requests

Request payment from your guests at any time – with just one click.


Virtual Card detection

System recognizes VCC and adjusts the payment process automaticaly.


Payment reporting

Track payments and run tailored reports to stay on top of your finances.

Frequent Questions

No, there is no setup fee.

Starter comes with 15 units included in the starting price. Regular with 20 units. Professional with 25 units.
Every additional unit is charged as per pricing on the each package. For annual billing there is 20% discount on everything.
*A unit can be room, apartments, bungallow or villa, what ever is considered as a renting unit in your property.

Depending on your plan, we will send an invoice accordingly. We partnered with STRIPE so you can pay via your prefered payment method quick & secure. We accept all major payment methods including credit cards.

No, you do not. We host on our own servers on the cloud and there is no need for any local machine installations. No need to download any kind of software, these are systems of the past. We reccommend you to use Google Chrome as it is the most avanced browser nowadays and support latest technolodgies we are using.

These are final prices, VAT included.

Of course, we never plan to stop growing and adding new functions for our clients, you can check our public roadmap.

Yes, we do. If you choose annual subscription we offer 20% discount. For bi-annual 10% and for quarterly 5% discount.

In the rooms number input 100 and divide price with 3. That would be your price. Example: for 100 rooms price is 383.50EUR/month. For hostel with 100 beds price is 383.5 / 3 = 127.83EUR per month.

You love OTA Sync but would like to change into a yearly or monthly contract. No problem, you can do so any time. Simply send us an e-mail to: officeATotasync.me.

No, you never have to pay a commission when you receive a booking. We operate with a flat fee model only. You can view our prices here.

Yes, we do have both. More details can be found here.

Yes we do! And we are more than glad to strike a custom deal for every single one of our new partners. You can check some details here. Please send us an email on office@otasync.me.

Please use our specialized helpdesk par of the website where You will found answers on almost all of Your questions. If not then submit a ticket.

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