Hospitality Trends We Expect in 2022

Hospitality Trends We Expect in 2022

Taking into consideration the fact that the pandemic has led to a completely new way of traveling, the hospitality industry is creating new ways to adjust and follow trends. Existing trends that mainly focus on materialism are no longer attractive, as guests are looking for more meaningful travel and a richer experience. In addition to trend analysis, business automation is becoming increasingly important, which significantly facilitates the conduct of daily business.

Passenger safety and security, as a trend that has been predominantly present during the previous two years, continues its trend during 2022. The combination of hotel technology and following the latest trends can help hoteliers stay up to date with all the changes in the hospitality industry. In the new article, we deal in more detail with the hotel trends planned for 2022.

Technology trends

As the hospitality sector is one of the most competitive, investing in modern hotel technology is a step forward compared to the competition. In addition to facilitating business management, they also contribute to reducing costs and reducing the workload of staff.

Some of the already known technology solutions that have gained special significance since the advent of COVID-19 relate to:

A contactless payment provides numerous benefits for all accommodation publishers because it contributes to speeding up the billing process and improving the guest experience.

A chatbot that is reflected in the quick and efficient response of guests, without the need for human presence. This solution reduces the need for constant staff availability.

In addition, significant technology trends lead to the creation of big data to provide guests with a better-personalized experience, and hotels can be of great importance for understanding the current situation, revenue management, and understanding trends and numerous external influences.

Virtual reality is a trend that is expected to grow in the future. It is available and can be viewed via a web browser, and it conveys the elements of the hotel to guests in the best possible way even before the reservation. This solution is convenient when making a reservation decision because guests can make a clearer and more rational choice.

Mobile Room Keys refers to the ability for a guest to access a room through an app on a mobile device. This trend is also increasingly popular among hotels, offering security and reducing the risk of losing a room key, as guests are more likely to forget a plastic room key than a smartphone.

Some of the other innovations that hotels can introduce to be successfully ahead of the competition are the appearance of fingerprints or face recognition for guest access to the hotel room, which would contribute to improving the guest experience.


The trend that is gaining more and more importance is sustainability. Guests prefer more environmentally friendly products and services, which requires the hotel to reduce the use of harmful and less efficient products and materials. Installing LED lighting, reducing the use of plastic and paper consumption, the use of organic materials are more economical and environmentally friendly choices. Ethical and environmental responsibility is becoming a growing and significant trend among hoteliers for a reason

The focus on the environmental sustainability of hotels also brings a larger number of reservations, taking into account the fact that guests are increasingly booking their accommodation in hotels that are committed to social responsibility and environmental protection.


Improving the guest experience is a trend that will continue in 2022. Client data collection is carried out through technology to meet their unique needs and establish longer-term relationships. The need for increasing personalization, contactless technology, and services requires the use of the Property Management System.

PMS as a flexible system is successfully used to manage rooms and prices, restrictions, availability that will contribute to improving the guest experience. With the help of PMS, it is easier and more efficient to monitor your accommodation units via the mobile application.

Reduced number of trips

The trend that will continue to be popular in 2022 due to numerous restrictions imposed by the pandemic is staycations. The term refers to a vacation spent in the home country, not abroad.

As the growing number of passengers began to grow aware of environmental and ethical travel, the benefits of this trend relate primarily to saving money. In addition, savings in transport and reduction of air pollution are advantages, as they reduce the impact of harmful emissions from means of transport, and favor the use of bicycles or walking.

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