Top 5 Channel Manager Systems

Top 5 Channel Manager Systems

What is Channel Manager?

Channel Manager System is a tool that allows hoteliers and property owners to advertise their accommodation units on multiple channels (, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Expedia, and others) at the same time. The system is designed to prevent overbooking, booking errors, save time, money and increase global brand visibility.

Channel Manager consists of a control panel that shows visibility and availability, without the need to be present on each individual channel. By automating their business, hotels are able to notes and track all booking data thanks to Channel Manager.

Why is a Channel Manager important for business?

The presence of the Channel Manager System in your accommodation greatly facilitates business because with the help of one central panel you have a better overview of availability and prices, preventing routine errors. Also, System gives you detailed reports on each individual channel.

Installing the Channel Manager System in your facility makes it easier to perform many tasks, which in turn leads to more reservations and revenue.

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Hotel Channel Manager System

Top 5 Channel Manager Systems


According to Hotel Tech Report, SiteMinder ranks first in the Channel Manager category. The system allows synchronization on over 350 distribution channels such as, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and many others. Provides two-factor integration and connection to PMS. It saves time and gives detailed reports which make it easier to manage reservations. A free trial period is provided, and after the expiration, the price for only Channel Manager starts from 56€ per month.

OTA Sync

The OTA Sync Channel Manager model allows a certified two-way connection that provides synchronization on all channels simultaneously. It prevents overbooking and integrates successfully with PMS and the Booking Engine. The system is based on cloud technology which facilitates access at any time and from any location and is suitable for accommodations of any size.

Channel Manager is also adapted to a mobile version with a fantastic design that provides management of the business on the go. In addition, the system has been translated into 13 languages, saves time, is easy to use, and provides a free trial for a period of 14 days. After the expiration of the trial period, the price of the entire software package (PMS, Booking Engine, and Channel Manager) starts at 18€ per month.


MyAllocator is an integral part of Cloudbeds (Cloudbeds Channel Manager), which provides two-factor integration, prevents booking errors, and is easy to use. This system is intended primarily for hostels and medium-sized accommodation, based on cloud technology. It makes it easier for placements to manage the sales channels on which they advertise their unit placements. MyAllocator provides a trial period, and the price of Channel Manager alone starts at 19€ per month.


STAAH Channel Manager offers Max Channel Manager that allows you to connect to over 200 OTA (Over Travel Agency) channels. It has analytics for easier management, is optimized for mobile devices, is suitable for accommodations of various sizes, and successfully integrates with the Property Management System. STAAH Channel Manager offers a competition monitoring tool (RateSTalk) in a single graphical data table.


Octorate ChannelManager enables connection to over 110 distribution channels, based on cloud technology. Characteristic for accommodations of both larger and smaller sizes prevents the occurrence of overbooking, is successfully integrated with the Property Management System. Some of the important features according to Hotel Tech Report are automatic reporting, optimization for mobile devices, emails before and after the stay, automated reviews. The monthly subscription is less than $ 500.

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