Top 5 ways to increase your hotel or STR revenue

Top 5 ways to increase your hotel or STR revenue

Whether it’s travel, meetings or other occasions, people prefer to make reservations online.

Thanks to the development of technology, today, online booking systems have a significant advantage, and exceed the number of personal reservations. In the rest of the text we bring you 5 useful tips on how to increase the number of your reservations.

1. Web Site

The website, of the hotel or short-term rental business, can play a crucial role in increasing the number of direct bookings.

In order to attract visitors, the website should be easy to use, easy to navigate, visually attractive and adapted to mobile devices, because there is an evident growth trend, from year to year, bookings coming from mobile devices. In addition, the hotel’s website should be properly optimized, especially for Google’s algorithms, which makes the website more visible on search engines.

2. CTA (Call To Action)

Since a large number of potential guests visit the website of hotels and accommodation, the CTA button (Call To Action) is the central and main place for making more reservations on the website.

Simply put, the “Book now” or “Check Availability” button has proven to be an effective solution for quickly and easily booking accommodation. They are a great way to convey a message, as well as inform potential guests about the added value that direct bookings in hotels or accommodations bring. Another advantage is the reduction in the amount of direct correspondence via e-mail.

3. Guest Reviews

Guest reviews are one of the most important items when booking. Research has shown that about 98% of travelers read, and consider it very important when booking. Criticism can also significantly affect changes in guests’ decisions, which is why it is important to promote positive reviews on your website.

It should be visible on a website or page on social networks, and timely response to them can greatly affect the reputation, and even increase the number of reservations.

4. Reservations via Social Networks

Social networks are a great tool for searching and raising awareness about the presence of hotels and accommodation. Establishing a booking mechanism with Facebook, allows guests to book directly through the Facebook page, in a much easier way. You can try this option through your Booking engine system by linking it to your hotel or accommodation Facebook page.

5. Loyalty Program

In marketing for hotels and accommodation, attracting new guests costs much more than retaining existing ones. That is why it is important to offer guests incentives, which would attract them to come back again and book. Such benefits refer to discounts on re-bookings, vouchers, points that can be used in some points of sale.

Providing quality service, in order to satisfy their specific desires is one of the ways to improve the experience of guests and make long-term connections with them.

By implementing the OTA Sync Booking engine (Online booking system) on your website, you have the opportunity to offer guests promo codes, which give them discounts on re-bookings. And bookings through the site, which come through the booking engine are completely no commission, thus creating savings compared to bookings coming from other booking portals (eg Booking, Expedia, Airbnb, Agoda, etc.)

Of course, the list does not end here, the list of opportunities that you can implement in your business is constantly changing and increasing. Lastly, you are a manager or owner and know best what can help you, and if you are unsure, feel free to read our other blogs and follow social media for free tips and instructions to increase your booking.

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