Why do you need hotel management software?

Why do you need hotel management software?

Even if you run a smaller hotel or apartments, with a few units, you can get great benefits from hotel management software. A variety of software is at your fingertips, and each carries special benefits.


From small Bed’n’Breakfast facilities to large hotel chains, there are dozens of different software on the market, all with the same goal, to make it easier for you to run the hotel and use time more efficiently with an improved user experience for both you and your guests.

There is a special power when you have greater and clearer control over your object when you can easily control all functions in the overview system and use your time more efficiently. Numerous software can help you with this, and we offer several of the most important ones:

Channel manager system – this powerful tool may be one of the most important systems an object can have. The possibilities of this system are wide, but the most important thing is that you can be advertised on over 50 online sales channels at any time and that you have all the calendars of these channels connected. When calendars are connected, you minimize the possibility of inconveniences, such as overbooking (double booking), inconvenience due to poorly set prices on a particular site, etc.

Property management system – If you want to clearly monitor the condition of your facility at any time, reservations for rooms/apartments, analytics, and many other options, this system is ideal for you. In case it can connect to your channel manager system, then you have a winning combination with which you greatly improve your business.

Booking engine – Also called online reception. It is an improvement that can be implemented on your website and some social networks (eg Facebook). As such, it represents another type of reservation channel, for which you do not pay large commissions according to other sites. This add-on gives your guests the opportunity to book some of the facilities you offer directly through the site, without the need for inquiries. This feature enhances the experience of your guests and provides them with security as they do not have to spend their time waiting for a response, whether the unit is available for selected dates. They receive this information directly through this system, fill in the necessary reservation data, and book their stay in your facility.


Every professional in their business has reinforcements, these are often partners, hotel employees, or people who help you balance your obligations from time to time. New technologies are your perfect business partner! Automation and optimization of business activities lead to more efficient use of time.

In case you advertise your apartments/villa/hostel or hotel on a number of sites (Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, HostelWorld, HotelBeds…) then you know how much time is spent on synchronizing the calendar (changes in prices and availability). Add to that a larger number of accommodation units, an increased number of reservations and you get the ideal combination that you need an additional person (minimum one) who will monitor reservations in real-time from all sites, synchronize information and potentially enter data into the program you use, for example, Excel.

Human error, the inability to observe all channels for 24 hours, a slow computer, and many other factors can be a source of damage in business. Therefore, the above systems appear as a solution. When all functions in the systems are properly adjusted, harmonized with the facility policy, then all risks are minimized, and the person or persons who were forced to closely monitor all sources of reservation and adjust them, are now relieved of this burden and can take their time to dedicate to guests.

You are already busy enough. Sales planning, problem-solving in apartments or rooms, communication with guests, communication with competent authorities, with agencies, etc. they require you to have top concentration and enough time. When you automate booking activities, then you can further dedicate your time to improving the experience of your guests, organizing additional activities in the facility, negotiating with suppliers, and leaving you free time for yourself.

A well-organized and customized hotel system is your partner and friend that will pay off through time savings and increased bookings.


Little things such as decorations, organizing activities, extra attention, perfectly clean apartments / rooms, as well as excellent service are what will cheer up your guests, complete their stay and convince them to stay with you again. This process starts from the moment when the guest wants to book a vacation:

  • Booking engine on your site will make it easier for potential guests to access all the necessary information and speed up the booking.
  • Your channel manager will coordinate availability on all other sites when the guest makes a reservation.
  • The property management system will show you or your employees the current condition of the facility.

Your guest has now arrived, you have used the extra time to organize a special kind of attention for the guest or to train the staff on how to have a more pleasant approach in communication with the guests, and the arrived guest is satisfied with how everything has gone so far. The rest of the guest experience is now in your hands and it’s time to show what sets you apart from the competition.

Don’t forget to look for a system that is in line with your needs, that has functions in line with the modern market offer and that will be a minimal financial burden for your business.

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