5 Things You Should Check Before You Book a Hotel Online

5 Things You Should Check Before You Book a Hotel Online

The stay of a guest in a hotel puts several tasks in front of the hotelier. The staff’s safety, dedication, and kindness come first for the guests, and for the hoteliers to make their stay unforgettable. Before deciding to make a reservation at a particular hotel, travelers are prone to checks. They are most often inclined to book hotels that are first listed on OTA channels (Airbnb, Bookin.com…) and those that are cheaper. That is why in the continuation of the blog, we deal with the things that travelers usually check before deciding on a reservation in a certain hotel.


Location is one of the starting points when booking. The closer the hotel is located to tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes, or something else they planned to visit during their stay, the more likely it is that they will choose that hotel and book their accommodation there. This does not mean that it is important that the hotel is located in the city center, but in a place that is accessible to guests.

Value for money

Price is also one of the most important items when making a decision. People are generally willing to pay even more for things that exceed their expectations. Price and promotion are important for reservations through the hotel’s website. If the hotel or accommodation offers them, it is best to make a reservation directly through the website. Besides, not every cheaper hotel is worse than a more expensive one. It should be checked whether the hotel offers quality service for the price set, to make the most rational decision.


Reviews deservedly are in these top 5 things. The location and price would likely be negligible if the negative reviews of the hotel are dominant over the positive ones. At hotels, it is important to ask all satisfied and loyal guests to leave their comments about their experience during their stay. A hotel that does not have a review will most likely not be chosen by the guest despite its good location and price.


Good resolution photos are important to attract the attention of potential guests. As well as reviews, the pictures can be important for comparing hotel photos and guest photos. In that way, a realistic picture is created and negative experiences are prevented.

Additional benefits

What certainly attracts attention is the additional benefits offered by the hotel. In addition to contributing to the personalization and building a positive image of the facility, there is a good chance that guests will choose just that facility. It is important to carefully segment your guests and offer them everything they need during their stay. Whether it is solo, business, or other travelers it is important to listen carefully to their needs and tailor services to them. It is certainly one step towards more reservations and income!

The choice of accommodation determines the experience of the guests. It is up to the hotels to make sure that the services they offer within their facility lead to their satisfaction. Thanks to the Internet and its availability, all the listed things are much more accessible and visible, so guests can check them before booking.

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