Best Alternative To Cloudbeds

Best Alternative To Cloudbeds

The existence of software for hoteliers allows you to easily perform operational tasks that lead to cost reduction and increase bookings. To keep up with innovation and technology, a complete hotel software package can be the key to gaining a competitive advantage. The software package primarily refers to software solutions such as Property Management System, Booking Engine, and Channel Manager.

What is Cloudbeds and what does it offer?

According to the Hotel Tech Report, Cloudbeds was named the best Property Management System in the 2022 HotelTech Awards. The company was founded in 2012 in Brazil. Cloudbeds includes all three software solutions. It is intended for accommodation of various sizes (hotels, hostels, bed & breakfast …), and the systems are designed to allow accommodation owners to save time and costs and increase reservations.    

  • Property Management System is a reservation control system, that allows check-in and check-out using a drag & drop interface, is integrated with Booking Engine. It is used to facilitate booking management and contains information about guests, availability, and other features.
  • Channel Manager (MyAllocator) is an integral part of Cloudbeds, which provides two-factor integration, prevents booking errors, and is easy to use. This system is intended primarily for hostels and medium-sized accomodation, based on cloud technology. It makes it easier for placements to manage the sales channels on which they advertise their unit placements.
  • Booking Engine provides reservations directly through the hotel website, without the need to send an inquiry.


  • Integration
  • User friendly
  • Functionality
  • Easy to connect with booking channels


  • Free trial
  • Not easy to use on a mobile device
  • Not tailored to every market
  • Mobile app
  • Online customer service

Alternative to Cloudbeds

The OTA Sync software package is based on modern cloud technology and offers the possibility of integrating the Property Management System with Channel Manager and Booking Engine. For even easier and better viewing, a mobile application is available, which provides access from anywhere at any time. The complete software package contributes to saving time and costs and increasing reservations and revenue. It is available for all accommodations of various sizes.

Property Management System or reception system is used to control reservations and rooms, to issue invoices in local and foreign currencies, guest records, reports, connection to the restaurant and bar system. It consists of a single control panel on the basis of which it is possible to follow information about reservations, guests coming and going, as well as who the next guests are with one click. PMS is key to performing everyday tasks.

Channel Manager allows owners and managers to quickly and easily organize and manage all their accounts on online sales channels such as Booking, Expedia, and Airbnb. The system is a user-friendly and mobile application that comes with the system itself allows hotels and accommodations to be able to enter all prices for sites from anywhere, control their net income and adjust availability. The system is designed to prevent overbooking, booking errors, save time, money, increase global brand visibility.

Channel Manager consists of a single control panel that shows visibility and availability, without the need to be present on each individual channel. By automating their business, hotels are able to record and track all booking data with the help of the Channel Manager.

Booking Engine is online reception for direct bookings through the hotel website. It is a plugin for the website that can be implemented on the website (hotel or accommodation) and some social networks (Facebook for example). It is another type of booking channel, for which hotels do not have to pay a commission. This add-on gives guests the ability to book rooms directly through the website, without the need to send an inquiry.


  • Modern design
  • Mobile app
  • 2-way connection
  • Integration
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to use

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