Top 7 Guesty Alternatives to Consider in 2024

Top 7 Guesty Alternatives to Consider in 2024

While Guesty might be a popular solution due to its robust property management features and tailored approach, it’s always good to keep an eye out for similar solutions that may offer more or different features.

To help you with your search, we’ve curated our list of 7 Guesty alternatives worth checking.

Let’s dive in!

Why Look For A Guesty Alternative?

Although Guesty offers robust features such as a variety of syncing options, inbox assignment, etc., and is easy to use, it comes with certain drawbacks.

According to some users, the integration process and setup take too much time and are cumbersome, while the app glitches often.

In addition, if you do 30-day minimum stays only, there is no option to use Price Optimizer by month, but only by night.

Furthermore, depending on the features you need, you can end up with a hefty price tag.

7 Guesty Alternatives You Should Check Out

Before we explore each Guesty alternative in more detail, here’s a quick overview.


*All pros and cons are based on the latest reviews from Capterra, GetApp, TrustPilot, G2crowd, and GetApp.



OTA SYNC is an all-in-one cloud-based property management software that provides solutions to facilitate, streamline, and automate your everyday tasks and operations. 

It caters to all property sizes, and in addition to the core PMS features, OTA SYNC offers solutions to enhance guest satisfaction via the Guest App.

The app enables you to personalize your guests’ stays by providing tailored recommendations, smooth online check-ins, and more.

When it comes to integrations, OTA SYNC provides plentiful options:

  • A 2-way XML connection with over 100 OTAs and rich integrations with platforms like Paypal, Stripe, AdriaScan, HubSpot, etc.,
  • An open API for further customization,
  • iCal links, etc.

Moreover, you can also use the mobile app to access all the info on the go.

Key Features

Booking Engine – Provides customizing options to tailor the engine to match your brand and style while allowing you to get direct bookings.

In addition, you can personalize the platform to reflect your hotel’s unique brand with custom filters, content, maps, promotions, etc.

✨  Multi-property Dashboard – Enables you to manage, modify, and overview multiple properties from a single dashboard.

Plug and Play Revenue Booster – Allows you to adjust and set dynamic pricing depending on seasonality, special dates, demand, etc.

Multi-Property hub integration –  Enables you to connect a customized booking engine to your website and increase booking rates.

OTA Payments – Provides an instantly automated process of transactions in multiple currencies and through various online, in-store, or mobile channels.


OTA SYNC has 4 Premium Plans, starting from €55 if billed annually. 

Each plan has a 14-day Free Trial, with access to all features, so you can experience the benefits they can bring.

OTA SYNC: Pros & Cons


🟢 Has a versatile channel manager.

🟢 Has a centralized and user-friendly dashboard.

🟢 Provides easy onboarding without needing account manager assistance.


🔴 Currently lacks Online check-in and Upselling features, but they are coming soon.

2. Eviivo


Eviivo is a property management platform that helps small and independent hospitality businesses manage their operations and online distribution channels. 

Thus, it hosts various management features ranging from channel management to guest communication.

It offers integrations with a variety of third-party platforms, including OTAs, property management systems, and booking engines.

Key Features

Property Manager – Helps you manage guests, bookings, staff, etc., from a centralized “booking diary.”

Website Manager – Offers customizable templates and built-in features to build a website for your properties.

Promo Manager – Enables you to optimize your rates, automate dynamic pricing, and run promos.

Guest Manager – Covers multiple aspects of guest communication by providing email templates,  AI-powered concierge, unified messaging inbox, etc.


For a single property, pricing starts from $40(£30), and there is a 14-day Free Trial.


Eviivo: Pros & Cons


🟢 Has a centralized dashboard, “Diary.”

🟢 Has versatile management features.

🟢 Has a responsive customer support. 


🔴 Lacks the possibility of blocking not only one room at a time but a whole series of rooms from the calendar.

🔴 Lacks the possibility of selecting several closing dates in the calendar.

🔴 Setup takes time.

3. Hostfully


Hostfully is a PMS for short-term and vacation rentals that provides features to automate operations and enhance guest experiences.

Its solutions fall into 2 categories: The Property Management Platform and Digital Guidebooks.

In addition to an Open API, Hostfully offers over 60 integrations with OTAs, Distribution systems, Marketing automation platforms, etc.

Key Features

Central Calendar – Provides a single view of all your properties, so you can check availability, hold dates, etc. 

Unified Inbox – Syncs messages from Airbnb, Vrbo,, and direct bookings, and lets you create pre-written templates and set triggers.

Automation – Offers various automation features, including automated messaging, guest vetting, insurance cleaning, pricing, reviews, task management, etc.

Guidebooks – Enable you to share key information with your guests, such as directions to your property, check-in info, wifi, how-to guides, and recommendations. 


Hostfully offers 3 Premium Plans, starting from $119 monthly per property, plus a one-time implementation fee.

Digital Guidebooks have separate pricing and a Free Starter Guidebook, while other prices start from $9.99.


Hostfully: Pros & Cons


🟢 Has a centralized dashboard.

🟢 Has calendar syncs between Airbnb and VRBO.

🟢 Has a good reporting section.


🔴 Lacks a more robust owner’s portal.

🔴 Has a not very intuitive mobile app.

🔴 Has a slow loading time.

4. OwnerRez


OwnerRez is a vacation rental PMS that provides booking, management, and marketing tools.

Therefore, its features range from channel manager over reporting to customer relationship management.

Regarding integrations, OwnerRez integrates with multiple third-party apps, such as dynamic pricing, door locks, automation, and other platforms.

Key Features 

Channel Management – Connects you with major OTAs and syncs all the rates, availability, and other changes.

Messaging – Provides multiple communication possibilities via email, SMS, and channels such as Airbnb and VRBO from a unified inbox.

Payment Processing – Integrates multiple payment methods, including manual payments.

Property Management – Allows you to calculate commission and generate monthly statements for your owners.


OwnerRez’s pricing depends on the number of properties, but it starts at $40 per month for one property. There is a 14-day Free Trial.

Still, certain Premium features are charged additionally. 

OwnerRez: Pros & Cons


🟢 Has good customer support.

🟢 Is user-friendly.

🟢 Provides regular updates.


🔴 Lacks more flexible options with setting discounts.

🔴 Has limited options for color coding multiple properties.

🔴 Lacks more customization features on the rental agreement.

5. Uplisting


Uplisting is vacation rental software that combines channel management to help you automate operations and guest communication.

In addition, it also helps you manage reservations from multiple channels.

Uplisting integrates multiple platforms dealing with analytics, dynamic pricing, guest experience, etc.

Key Features

Multi-calendar – Enables you to manage bookings, prices, availability, and restrictions from a single place.

Guest Messages – Enables you to create your own templates and personalize them.

Unified Inbox – Centralises guest communications from all channels.

Channel Management – Provides direct API connections with Airbnb,, and Vrbo.


Uplisting offers 2 Premium Plans, starting at $100 per month for 1 property. The Pro Plan has a Free Trial.


Uplisting: Pros & Cons


🟢 Has good customer service.

🟢 Easy to use.

🟢 Has rich integrations.


🔴 Is on the expensive side.

🔴 The mobile app isn’t well-optimized. 

🔴 Only offers Stripe for direct bookings.

6. Smoobu


Smoobu is a short-term and vacation rental property management software that facilitates and automates everyday operations.

Therefore, it hosts features ranging from booking over price and data syncs to guest communications.

Smoobu integrates with multiple apps regarding payments, smart pricing, online check-in, etc. 

Key Features

Channel Manager – Synchronizes all bookings and lets you set the base price.

Availability Calendar – Enables you to see all your properties in one place and change and set price parameters.

Reservation System – Provides you with important statistics and other relevant KPIs, occupancy rates, etc. 

Guest Communications – Lets you create custom messaging templates and automatically send them to your guests.


Smoobu has 1 Free and 2 Premium Plans starting from $29 per property per month, with a 14-day Free Trial each.


Smoobu: Pros & Cons


🟢 Has an intuitive dashboard.

🟢 Offers a variety of sync options.

🟢 Enables you to promote your property’s website. 


🔴 Doesn’t have a full API integration with VRBO.

🔴 Doesn’t have SMS automation.

🔴 Customer service isn’t very quick to respond.

7. Lodgify


Lodgify is vacation rental software that helps you manage reservations, payments, and bookings.

It includes features spanning different categories, including channel manager, website builder, payment processing, etc.

Lodgify integrates with major OTAs and various platforms covering dynamic pricing, business tools, guest experience, and more.

Key Features

Booking System – Enables you to receive direct bookings and control them from a single dashboard.

Website Builder – Provides various customizable templates to showcase your vacation rental property.

Dynamic Pricing – Lets you adjust your prices based on market supply and demand, seasonal trends, special events, etc.

Accounting – Allows you to generate reports on your income and payments.


Lodgify offers 3 Premium plans, with a 7-day Free Trial each.

Prices start from $17 per month for one property.


Lodgify: Pros & Cons


🟢 Has responsive customer service.

🟢 Easy to use.

🟢 Has website builder templates.


🔴 Has less advanced reporting functionalities than some competitors.

🔴 The app can glitch occasionally.

🔴 Preview rates don’t show the final rate you will get.

Which Guesty Alternative Should Be Your Choice?

The above list of Guesty alternatives should provide plenty of food for thought and open your mind to solutions that may better suit your needs.

For example, if you manage bookings on behalf of other owners, OwnerRez might be a good fit due to its versatile rental agreement options.

However, if you are looking for an all-in-one solution, your pick should fall on OTA SYNC.

Why Go For OTA SYNC?

OTA SYNC is an all-encompassing solution to facilitate and automate the management of your property.

Offering a plethora of features, our solution can help you:

🔥 Seamlessly onboarding in a single day, without needing external assistance.

🔥 Adapt to every market with flexible tax and general settings.

🔥 Avoid over and double-bookings due to automatic updates and syncing options.

🔥 Improve future performance thanks to robust analytics and reporting tools that provide in-depth analysis divided by periods, channels, amounts, etc. 

And so much more.

Ready to take OTA SYNC for a spin?

Try OTA SYNC for free and propel your property to new heights.

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