Best Websites For Advertising Your Accommodation

Best Websites For Advertising Your Accommodation

The traditional way of booking accomodation by going to a travel agency is over. The Internet revolution and its potential have been contributed to the creation of  many possibilities to enable travelers to make reservations faster and easier. Expect that is more economical and efficient, there is no better way to connect people around the world.

However, the hardest part of online advertising is choosing the right site. Most potential guests search for accommodation using the best advertising sites. For owners, using such platforms brings more bookings, and ultimately higher revenue.

What are the best sites for advertising, we bring you below.

The most popular site today is, justified by the fact that over a million nights are booked every day through this platform.

It allows guests to make direct reservations, and is reflected in the nemerous benefits, and access to a large audience on the platform. Prominent guest ratings are very popular on Booking, as their reviews bring higher bookings and revenue to the owner.

A potential drawback is the risk of overbooking, which can be eliminated by using the Channel Manager system.

Booking’s commission for owners ranges from 15% to 18%.


Airbnb is considered a platform that connects people who rent accommodation with people who are looking for them. It covers 220 countries around the world, and is considered one of the fastest growing booking platforms in the world.

Like Booking, Airbnb provides an automatic check-in process from booking to check-out. Airbnb offers numerous options, from direct negotiations between the owner and potential guests to the regulation of numerous actions to protect and secure both sides, allowing you to get more bookings easily.

Airbnb commission is 3% for reservations and 6%-20% fee for guest services. Another option is fixed commission of 14% paid by the accommodation publishers, and guests do not pay an additional fee for using the platform.


Expedia is a platform that provides a complete service to passengers, offering holiday arrangements, flights, hotels, houses and many other services. Its advantage is reflected in a good insurance policy, discounts on accommodation, special offers and adjusted prices.

Its brands include: HomeAway, Trivago, Orbitz, and others, so more bookings require visibilty on more channels.

The commission is 18%-23% where are 3 possible payment options. The first way is Hotel collect, where guests pay upon arrival at the apartment, the second way is when booking via Expedia collect virtual card, while the third way involves Expedia Pay, in which the guest is automatically charged for the reservation.


Owned by Expedia, HomeAway is an advertising site, which allows its users to set up their own accommodation or to book a stay in private facilities. . It is considered one of the largest advertisers of private accommodation. Its coverage is in over 190 countries around the world, it is free to use, and includes millions of reviews and comments in order to make the best possible decision about the given accommodation.

Users pay fees to the owner during their stay in their accommodation, at a price determined in advance and before the reservation. Therefore, all benefits, additional fees and provisions are listed before the booking.

For owners, there are several ways. One of them is the payment of a fixed annual fee, which is about $500. Another way is to pay per booking, which is 5% commission for each rental.


TripAdvisor is one of the most famous advertising sites, with over 340 million users and about 800,000 advertised accommodation.

When accommodation is placed on this site, it automatically appears on the services FlipKey, HolidayLettings, HouseTrip, Niumbia, which are part of the TripAdvisor portal. Therefore, its biggest advantages are saving time, money, effort as well as presence on these portals.

Accommodation is completely free. The special significance of TripAdvisor is reflected in its ratings and user comments, which are also visible on the mentioned portals. User ratings are considered to have a significant impact on the reputation of the advertised accommodation, which is why it is important to encourage satisfied guests to leave a comment.

The commission is 3% per booking.

In addition to the listed sites, social networks, such as Facebook, can serve as a great tool for advertising your accommodation. Presence on Facebook and creating a Facebook page of your accommodation, provides awareness of people about the existence of private accommodation and hotels, as well as informing guests about the availability of free rooms and appointments.

Another alternative is Facebook groups for renting accommodation, which can be useful if they have a large number of members. Their advantage is reflected in efficiency, time and cost savings.

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