Cloudbeds vs. Jonas Chorum – Which is Better?

Cloudbeds vs. Jonas Chorum – Which is Better?

Running multiple properties seems even more challenging in an age when people are traveling probably more frequently than ever.

In addition to juggling multiple properties and daily operations efficiently, it shouldn’t come at the expense of providing the ultimate guest experience.

One way to streamline and facilitate your hotel operations is to switch to one of the hotel management systems.

Not only do they automate processes and save lots of time, but they also help you engage with your future guests and provide an enhanced experience at your property.

2 popular solutions are Cloudbeds and Jonas Chorum, so if you’re unsure which one might be the best fit for you, you’re in the right place.

Read on to find out the Cloudbeds vs. Jonas Chorum duel winner.

Let’s dive in!

Cloudbeds: Overview


Cloudbeds is a hospitality management system providing tools to streamline your everyday operations, grow revenue, and improve guest experience.

Cloudbeds caters to various property types, such as hotels, B&Bs, inns, hostels, hotel groups, and vacation rentals.

The solution is fully cloud-based, and it doesn’t have a mobile app.

Regarding the features, they fall into 4 categories:

  1. Core features – A variety of hotel management features, such as Property Management System (PMS), Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Rate Checker, etc.
  2. Performance Packs – Tools to boost your property’s performance: RevPAR tools, digital marketing tools, guest experience tools, etc.
  3. Add-Ons – Additional capabilities such as a payment terminal, as well as a priority lane when dealing with customer support.
  4. Education & Support – Access to multiple resources, onboarding training, account optimization, 24/7 support, etc.

As far as integrations go, Cloudbeds offers a wide range of integrations you can filter based on various criteria: industry, language, country, etc.

Furthermore, if you want to create a custom integration, you can connect the Cloudbeds’ API service providers you’d like.

Cloudbeds: Key Features

1. Core Features

1.1. Property Management System (PMS)

The PMS provides tools to streamline your daily operations and manage reservations, housekeeping, finances, etc., from a centralized dashboard.

Furthermore, it lets you connect and automate tasks with other core tools, such as your channel manager, booking engine, etc. 

You can upgrade guests, access notes, manage room availability, and update rates and room inventory via the drag-and-drop calendar.

Moreover, you’ll also get an insight into your daily occupancy, revenue, cancellations, finances, commissions, etc.

1.2. Channel Manager

Allows you to share your property on more than 300 booking channels with zero added commission from Cloudebeds. 

You can browse all available channels based on the property type and region.


Overall, the Channel Manager provides tools to keep your availability, pricing, rates, and inventory updated and in sync. 

Thus, you can:

  • Automatically map your inventory from your PMS.
  • Update your total inventory depending on the room availability.
  • Use the Split Inventory feature to sell the same physical room under different categories.
  • Update pricing on a per-channel basis.
  • Manage rate parity or set different pricing for individual channels, etc.

1.3. Booking Engine

You can integrate the Booking Engine with any website to see reservations from all distribution channels.

Furthermore, you can personalize and maximize your Booking engine to match your website.

The Booking Engine also allows website visitors to complete their online reservations in the language and currency of their choice.

1.4. Integrated Payments

Cloudbeds payment integration allows you to automate and centralize all the payments by sending the info directly to the reservations in the PMS.

Furthermore, your guests can pay with global credit cards, digital wallets, Pay by Link, etc., as well as use point-of-sale terminals supporting chip, tap-to-pay, and swipe transactions.

You can also create online booking automation to collect deposits or pre-payments scheduled according to your rate rules.

2. Performance Packs

2.1. Revenue Management Tools

Cloudbeds offers a feature Pricing Intelligence Engine (PIE) that keeps you informed about your competitors’ activity on the market.

Furthermore, it will send pricing alerts based on your criteria, allowing you to have dynamic pricing depending on:

  • Your competitors’ rates,
  • Seasonality,
  • Room occupancy, etc.

2.2. Cloudbeds Amplify

Provides a set of marketing tools to:

  • Boost your online visibility, 
  • Customize your website templates,
  • Showcase your property’s best available rate, conduct keyword research, and optimize campaign bids, 
  • Reconnect with former guests, etc.

Overall, Cloudebds Amplify should help you drive more direct bookings, boost your online presence, and enhance guest experience.

2.3. Guest Experience

Provides sets of tools, Whistle for Cloudbeds, to streamline guest communication before, during, and after their stay. 

In addition, the guest experience software assists you in upselling opportunities, offers, special promotions, packages, services, codes, etc.

Furthermore, it provides tools to enhance guest experience, send personalized messages, provide smooth check-ins, highlight important property details, etc.

Cloudbeds: Pricing

Pricing plans are tiered, depending on the property type you manage.


Cloudbeds: Pros & Cons


🟢 Offers multiple integrations.

🟢 Provides rich learning materials and guides.

🟢 Has a robust set of features.


🔴 Customer service isn’t always fast in reacting.

🔴 Can get expensive with add-ons and fees.

🔴 Doesn’t always sync the data properly.

Jonas Chorum: Overview


Jonas Chorum is an all-in-one, cloud-based property management software that offers solutions to facilitate front and back-desk operations and enhance guest experience.

It caters to independent Hotels, Chain Hotels, and Hotel Management Companies.

Its main focus is handling and managing booking operations, guest occupancy, and communications.

Furthermore, it lets you manage multiple channels and includes revenue management tools. 

An interesting feature that Jonas Chorum provides is the Chorum Offline Sync, which provides uninterrupted operation of your property and syncs all data you’ve entered offline to the cloud once the internet is back.

Jonas Chorum is available as an Android and iPhone app.

Jonas Chorum: Key Features

1. Chorum Hotel Central Reservation System (CRS)

Offers tools and solutions to manage rates, inventory, and availability in real time. 

You can connect it to major online travel agents(OTAs) and accept and manage bookings from a centralized location.

Furthermore, you can also set different prices for different channels and adjust prices as you see fit.

Within the CRS, you’ll also find the Booking Engine, allowing you to personalize and customize your website to match your brand.

2. Chorum PMS

Centralizes and automates various tasks, so it helps you:

  • Manage group bookings,
  • Control group inventory,
  • Bulk upload rooming lists
  • Automatically adjust published room rates, etc.

Furthermore, you’ll get reports on room revenue, payment details, room inventory, guest activity, etc.

In addition, you’ll get insights into key data points such as RevPAR, ADR, ARR, and occupancy rates.

3. Chorum Guest Mobile

Chorum Guest Mobile is an app that aims to improve the guest experience and streamline front-desk operations.

Therefore, it offers a variety of features:

Messaging Platform – Various automated notifications and alerts, from pre- to post-arrival.

Express Check-In – Possibility to check in prior to arrival.

Property Information – Future guests can explore your property in more detail and see additional info, photos, special offers, amenities, maps, etc.

Destination Details – Useful tips and information about weather, attractions, discounts, dining, events, etc.

Guest Digital Key –  Guests can unlock their room door using the app.

4. Chorum Staff Mobile

Just like the previous feature caters to the guests, the Chorum Staff Mobile caters to your employees and helps them streamline operations and everyday tasks.

It allows your staff to access and check their tasks on the go and leave real-time updates.

Thus, the app offers features and tools that range from Digital Housekeeping over Staff Mobile Check-In to Guest Messaging & Communication.

Jonas Chorum: Pricing

The pricing isn’t included but is only available by booking a demo.

Jonas Chorum: Pros & Cons


🟢 Easy to use and navigate.

🟢 Has a mobile app.

🟢 Responsive customer service.


🔴 Doesn’t seem to have as many integrations as its competitors.

🔴 No transparent pricing and costs.

🔴 Not very detailed reporting functions.

Cloudbeds vs. Jonas Chorum: Final Verdict


It’s never easy to pick up the tool that will fit your property like a glove. 

Both Cloudbeds and Jonas Chorum offer handy solutions, but one might work better for you than the other.

Jonas Chorum is more straightforward and guest-centric, focused on solutions to enhance guest experience.

On the other hand, Cloudbeds provides more advanced features overall and might be a better solution if you require more robust features.

However, we have one more alternative to add to the mix – OTA SYNC, a solution that combines Jonas Chorum’s simplicity of use and robust features Cloudbeds provides.

OTA SYNC – An All-Encompassing Alternative

OTA SYNC is an all-encompassing hotel PMS that facilitates, streamlines, and automates hotel everyday tasks and operations.

In addition, it doesn’t compromise guest satisfaction and provides tools to enhance guest experience.

So, what makes OTA SYNC a true star?

✅ It provides seamless onboarding without needing an account manager’s assistance.

✅ It has a multi-property dashboard allowing you to manage multiple properties without switching the tabs.

✅ It has a centralized drag-and-drop calendar for an easy and clean overview of all the bookings and real-time updates.

Fully integrated payment gateway to instantly process payments through various online, in-store, or mobile channels.  

✅ Easy and flexible setup of different market-specific tax settings.

Plug and play revenue booster so you can change sales and pricing settings independently, based on pre-set limitations.

✅ Multiple integrations with OTAs, booking platforms, etc.

✅ Advanced revenue, finance, and in-hotel reports and analytics.

Multi-Property Hub that allows you to connect a customized booking engine to your website and drive increased bookings while creating a better guest experience.

Guest App that offers quick check-ins, tailored recommendations, instant notifications, etc.

And the list goes on.

Ready to take OTA SYNC for a spin?

Sign up for OTA SYNC and leverage your property management today.

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