Hotel Channel Manager System

Hotel Channel Manager System

The growing presence of online reservations through numerous sites such as, Expedia and many others, affects the need to adequately respond to this trend and manage it in the most efficient and effective way.

Technology, especially in the hospitality industry, is evolving rapidly, so there are a number of options that hotels can use to manage. One such technological solution for all hotels and accommodation providers is the Channel Manager system.

In the continuation of the blog, we reveal to you what the hotel Channel Manager system is, how it works and helps in business, and what its key advantages are.

What is the Hotel Channel Manager system?

By definition, Channel Manager is a tool, which allows hotels to simultaneously distribute and update their hotel rooms and prices on all related booking sites. This system provides efficient management of sales channels, on which they advertise their accommodation units.

The Channel Manager consists of a single overview control panel, which greatly facilitates visibility and accessibility, without the need to access each individual channel.

For example, if a hotel were to advertise its units on 5 different OTA channels, without the existence of a Channel Manager system, it would have to constantly update availability and price (since they are constantly changing), which would be a very arduous and difficult task.

The system records and stores all booking data, prevents potential errors and saves time.

How does the Hotel Channel Maneger System help in business?

Hotel Channel Manager represents much more than simply facilitating price and availability management.

It can be used to perform many tasks when managing a hotel, which ultimately provides more reservations and revenue, as well as longer-term business.

Because the system shows availability on all channels and is automatically updated, it allows hotels to accept bookings faster and eliminate the chance of double bookings.

Guests can book a room that is actually available, which significantly reduces the risk of overbooking.

Also, the presence of a number of booking channels, affects the improvement of the recognizability of the hotel, for which guests may not have had the opportunity to hear and make a reservation.

Using the Channel Manager system contributes to increased productivity, because it eliminates manual data entry, which requires a lot of time.

In addition, reducing traditional booking methods, such as using the phone and linking to more booking pages, will ensure that occupancy remains stable.

Advantages of using the Hotel Channel Manager system

  • Simultaneous management on multiple channels
  • Integration of Channel Manager with Booking Engine
  • Less time to update inventory data
  • Eliminate human input errors
  • Increased global visibility and recognition
  • Increasing occupancy
  • Increasing revenue
  • Automatic update
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