How to Improve Guest Experience in Hotel in 17 Steps

How to Improve Guest Experience in Hotel in 17 Steps

Did you know that in 72% of cases, travelers will choose a hotel with a higher guest review score over one with a lower price or a brand name?

Therefore, providing an exceptional guest experience is crucial for keeping your guests coming back and referring others to your hotel.

But with so many competitors, it can be challenging to stand out and create an unforgettable experience.

Read on as we share practical tips on how to improve guest experience in a hotel to enhance guest satisfaction

Let’s dive in!

What is Guest Experience?

Guest experience is the sum of all guest interactions with your hotel, from first contact to checking out.

It encompasses:

  • The quality of customer service and communication, 
  • The design and functionality of a website or physical space, 
  • Reliability and quality of products or services your hotel offers.

Therefore, it is a crucial factor in building customer loyalty and fostering repeat business.

Why Is Guest Experience Paramount?

Guest experience is incredibly important because it directly impacts revenue and reputation. 

A positive guest experience can lead to repeat business, positive word-of-mouth referrals, and higher online ratings and reviews. 

On the other hand, a negative guest experience can drive customers away, lead to bad reviews and ratings, and damage a hotel’s reputation.


Moreover, the guest experience is closely tied to revenue. Guests are more likely to pay a premium price for a hotel stay that they perceive as providing a high-quality experience.

17 Easy Ways How to Improve Guest Experience in A Hotel

1. Establish Pre-Arrival Communication

Pre-arrival emails usually include important information that your guests need to know before they arrive, such as:

  • Check-in and check-out times, 
  • Directions to the hotel, and 
  • Any special requests or amenities they may have requested. 

Providing this type of information doesn’t only show you care about your guests’ satisfaction, but it also ensures that your guests will feel well-informed.

💡 ProTip:

With its automated messaging feature, OTA SYNC enables you to send a range of personalized messages at different stages of the guest experience. 

Furthermore, it means you don’t have to manually send emails to each guest – the system will automatically send them at the desired time.

You can also drag and drop files and set different parameters, such as booking channels, room types, etc.


Thus, you can send a thank-you note after a booking, a reminder before arrival, or a follow-up message after departure.

In addition to the standard messages, OTA SYNC also enables you to send congratulatory emails to your guests on special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries. 

This is a great way to surprise and delight your guests, and it can help you stand out from other properties that don’t offer this type of service.

2. Allow An Early Check-In

A great way to boost guest experience is to allow an early check-in because it provides plenty of flexibility for your guests.

Moreover, it makes your guests feel appreciated and heard.

Additionally, early check-ins can maximize room occupancy and revenue, as the rooms are available for use earlier than expected. 

3. Enable Smooth Check-Ins

Long check-in waits aren’t something your guests are looking forward to, especially if they have been traveling all day.

Thus, you can provide mobile check-ins or self-service kiosks to speed up and make the process more efficient. 

💡 ProTip:

With OTA SYNC’s Guest App, guests can easily check in and check out, select the number of people staying, communicate any special requests or preferences, etc.

In addition, the app provides real-time updates and notifications, so you and your guests can receive instant alerts about any changes to their reservation.

Moreover, the app allows guests to view their booking details, including the dates of their stay, the room type, and the total cost.

4. Provide Welcome Amenities

You can offer small welcoming gestures such as a bottle of water, a welcome note, and some snacks to make your guests stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

Other popular welcome items include fruit baskets, chocolates, coffee or tea, and flowers.

In addition, some hotels also offer complimentary newspapers, toiletries, or other personal items.


5. Make It Easy For Guests To Reach Out

You should provide your guests with multiple communication channels so they can easily reach you.

Messaging technology and system integrations can benefit you and your guests because they provide faster and more personalized service while maximizing operating efficiencies

Furthermore, if you opt for property management software with CRM possibilities, you can send personalized text messages and automate communication.

6. Provide Relevant Recommendations

Providing stellar guest experience goes beyond only hotel-related services. Thus, you can:

✨ Help them plan their itinerary, 

✨ Make reservations on their behalf

✨ Share information about local attractions

✨ Point out must-see places or things to do

✨ Recommend restaurants and other eating joints, etc.

The more satisfied your guests are, the bigger the chance they’ll recommend your hotel and services.

💡 ProTip:

OTA SYNC’s Guest book allows guests to access crucial information about their stay easily. 

One of the most important aspects of the Guest book is that it helps guests understand the house rules to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings during their stay. 

In addition to house rules, it also provides recommendations, such as nearby restaurants, shops, and attractions, as well as tips for getting around the area.

7. Partner With Local Vendors

Although you should always provide unbiased recommendations, this doesn’t mean you can’t partner with high-quality local establishments.

Depending on the partnership type, your guests can get special discounts, vouchers, and other offers.

8. Provide Free Internet Connection

You should provide fast and reliable Wi-Fi, especially for business travelers.

If you can’t provide WI-Fi in every room, provide it in the lounge area so your guests can access it smoothly.

Furthermore, don’t forget to include many charging outlets or power banks. 

In addition, have Wi-Fi access details and passwords clearly displayed in rooms or the lounge for a smooth experience.

9. Track Your Guests’ Preferences

Paying close attention to your guests’ preferences and consumer behavior can assist you in creating a more tailored and guest-centric experience.

For example, property management software enables you to collect, store and analyze guest data.

The data can include amenities and services guests used, room preferences, dietary restrictions, spending habits, and more.


Furthermore, a PMS can help you track previous stays and feedback to improve their experience during their next visit.

💡 ProTip:

OTA SYNC allows you to see, edit, and update your guests’ preferences from a centralized dashboard so you can always provide relevant service. 

Furthermore, you can check their usual room types, special requests, etc.


10. Deal With Complaints Promptly

You’ll inevitably encounter issues or complaints from time to time.

Although it’s never pleasant for either party, it’s also an opportunity to show your commitment to excellent customer service.

Listen carefully to the guest’s complaint and acknowledge their feelings. Show empathy and let them know that you understand their frustration.

Apologize for any inconvenience caused and assure them that you will do your best to resolve the issue.

✅ If possible, offer a solution to the problem, such as a room upgrade, a discount, or any other appropriate compensation.

✅ If you can’t resolve the issue immediately, follow up with the guest and inform them about what steps you’re taking to address their concern.

It is the way you and your staff address those issues can make it less stressful. 

Handling complaints professionally and efficiently can turn a negative experience into a positive one and even lead to customer loyalty and positive reviews.

11. Be In Charge

In order to be proactive and anticipate potential problems and your guests’ needs, PMS solutions may come in handy due to their tracking and reporting functions

Thus, you can personalize a guest’s experience by using information from previous stays or bookings.

For example, if they’ve encountered some issues last time, you can offer to upgrade their room.

Or if your hotel is pet-friendly and they arrive with a pet, you can offer complementary pet treats, etc.

12. Collect Feedback

Collecting feedback from your guests is essential because it helps you understand what guests like and dislike about their stay.

Consequently, you can improve amenities and services and make adjustments to ensure that guests have a more enjoyable experience.

Additionally, you can identify recurring issues or complaints, address root causes, and implement solutions to prevent them from occurring in the future. 

13. Don’t Forget To Follow Up

Catering to your guests doesn’t stop the moment they leave the premises. On the contrary, sending a thank-you email with a personal touch can lead to repeat guests.

Furthermore, based on the valuable tracking information, you can send more personalized emails or newsletters in the future with relevant promotions, offers, etc.

💡 ProTip:

OTA SYNC enables you to use promotional and discount codes to say “thank you” or attract new guests with promotional offers.

You can set different parameters, such as early booking or last-minute deals, etc.

Also, you can choose which room type and pricing plan the promotion will apply to, its duration, and so on.


14. Provide Rewards for Repeat Guests

Acquiring a new customer can be as much as five times higher than retaining an existing one.

Therefore, rewarding repeat guests to thank them for their loyalty and trust is definitely a good strategy.

Thus, you can opt for various loyalty programs and provide special features, discounts, services, room upgrades, late check-ins and -outs, etc.

15. Implement a Point-of-Sale System

The POS system streamlines and manages payment transactions between you and your guests.

It allows the guest to quickly and easily place orders and pay for all services charged during check-out.

Furthermore, it offers various payment methods, including credit and debit cards and mobile payments.

💡 ProTip:

OTA Payments is a fully integrated payment gateway that uses automation to process transactions with a single click.

It connects to all major payment gateways, allowing you to accept guests’ online payments in multiple currencies and through various channels, including online, in-store, or mobile.

16. Pay Attention to Cleanliness

One of the key factors contributing to negative reviews is the cleanliness. 

Besides creating health and allergy hazards, ill-maintained premises spoil the appearance and overall atmosphere, making it less comfortable and inviting. 

💡 ProTip:

OTA’s Housekeeping management solution provides a centralized platform for efficient task assignment, real-time updates on room status, and seamless communication among housekeeping staff. 

For example, you can indicate the room’s status and mark it as Clean, Ordinary, General, and Out of Service. 

The housekeeping staff will see which rooms need cleaning and obtain all the relevant information, such as the arrival and departure date, number of guests, etc.

The solution helps you meet the highest standards of cleanliness with features like automated cleaning schedules, inventory tracking, and maintenance alerts.

17. Update The Amenities

In addition to keeping your hotel clean, you should also check the signs of wear and tear and replace items that are too old or non-functional.

For example, change furniture, add a fresh coat of paint, change the decor, etc.

Moreover, check the pulse of your target audience and introduce new amenities and services, such as pools, gyms, spas, etc.

💡 ProTip:

OTA SYNC’s SPA & Wellness management solution streamlines and enhances the operations of spas, wellness centers, and fitness facilities in hotels or resorts. 

It provides features for appointment scheduling, client management, and resource allocation, such as treatment rooms and equipment. 

Furthermore, it integrates with POS systems and manages staff schedules. 

Wrapping It Up

Guests are the cornerstones of every hotel, and paying attention to their needs and expectations is paramount.

We’ve provided 17 tips to elevate your guest experience and satisfaction.

Property management solutions can significantly help achieve this since they are powerhouses that facilitate and automate hotel operations.

If you haven’t used a PMS before, we suggest you start with OTA SYNC. 🚀

How Can OTA SYNC Help Your Hotel Boost Guest Experience?

OTA SYNC is a cloud-based PMS that streamlines everyday hotel operations while helping you:

🔥 Increase reach and visibility thanks to the Channel Manager that connects you to major OTAs.

🔥 Do onboarding in a day without needing external assistance, making it a great solution for newbies.

🔥 Enable your guests to book directly, check room availability, view pricing, and complete secure bookings in real time with our Booking Engine.

🔥 Connect a customized booking engine to your website and increase the booking rates.

🔥 Efficiently run multiple hotel chains within a centralized dashboard without changing tabs.

🔥 Change and adapt prices depending on seasonality and demand, set special offers and promotions, etc.

🔥 Plan events and banquets by coordinating venue booking, scheduling, catering arrangements, and guest management tasks.

🔥 Auto-generate and print out guest registration forms.

🔥 Organize and track lost & found items in any of your rooms or a hotel.

Besides providing full-house property management, OTA SYNC also provides robust guest management solutions.

Our Guest App is a multifaceted app that optimizes the guest journey without requiring guests to install it. 

It also supports multiple languages, ensuring easier booking for your guests.

Moreover, it enables you to sell your services and products via the booking engine or add any additional service or amenity you offer to your guests.

And this is only a tiny fraction of what OTA SYNC can do.

Enticed to give it a go?

Sign up for OTA SYNC for free today to boost customer satisfaction while driving your hotel’s growth.

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