How to promote hotel online

How to promote hotel online

With the development of technology and the creation of a digital era, without an online presence, few businesses would have any great chance of success.

One of the most popular opportunities to promote hotels is the Internet, which has proven to be a very effective tool. Therefore, below we bring you useful ways that you can use to promote your accommodation.


A website can play a significant role in attracting more visitors. It needs to be simple and easy to use, clear, visually striking. Photos of hotel rooms, videos, as well as blogs about customer experiences, can contribute to the authenticity of the website.

Having a website that is customized and accessible on every device should be priority.

However, even if it is the best hotel, if it is not visible and accessible to people, there is a danger of booking with competitors.

The existence of SEO (Search engine optimization) increases the visibility of the hotel on the Google search engine. SEO is the process of improving a website’s positioning through search results. So, the better the site is ranked, the more visible it will be on the Google search engine. SEO optimization also includes searching the website by keywords, which is why it is necessary for one website to meet all the criteria.

Social networks

Social networks are currently the most popular form of promoting any business over the Internet, primarily because it enables direct communication with the clients and the estabilishment of stronger and closer connection.

First of all, it is necessary to offer people quality and different content (for example, some extraordinary area around the hotel) that will attract their attention, meet their enthusiasm, and even share such content. By using paid Facebook ads, you are able to target your audience by location or age. Creating a giveaway and loyalty program to your loyal guests can attract potential guests to book your hotel room.

In addation, Instagram as a tool can be used to promote hotels with the help of influencers who will contribute to increased website visits, the number of bookings or the number of followers on social networks.

Presence on OTA channels

Another way to promote hotels online is to be present on popular OTA sales channels.

The appearance of hotels on OTA (Online Travel Agency), such as, Airbnb, TripAdvisor and others significantly increases the visibility and awareness of the existence of your facility.

By publishing content, such as quality photos, good resolutions and other unique benefits, which can also be found on the hotel’s website, they can arouse greater interest among potential guests.

Property Management System – PMS

The Property Management System as a hotel facility control system can play a significant role in promotion. It is one of the great solutions, and at the same time it is an easy way to manage hotels and facilities.

By registering a guest at the hotel, the necessary information is created, such as age, gender, guest phone number, which are automatically connected to the PMS software.

The collected information is used to create an e-mail list, which can be used to promote hotel offers. Namely, by sending special discounts, membership fees, encouraging loyalty programs, it contributes to greater satisfaction and connection of the guest with the hotel.

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