8 Tips to Start a Vacation Rental Management Business

8 Tips to Start a Vacation Rental Management Business

Did you know that the vacation rental market is estimated to generate a revenue of $100.30 billion in 2024?

As vacation rental popularity continues to grow, there is no better time to launch your own vacation rental management business.

However, like any entrepreneurial venture, starting a successful vacation rental management business requires a lot of hard work and preparation.

This is where we step in – to pave the way for you with 8 tips to start a vacation rental management business.

Let’s dive in!

What Is a Vacation Rental Business?

A vacation rental business involves renting out a property to travelers for a short-term stay.

It could be a house, apartment, condo, or any other type of property that is suitable for vacation rentals.

Vacation rental businesses have become increasingly popular in recent years with the rise of platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, etc.

3 Key Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting a Vacation Rental Business

Setting up any business requires thorough planning and evaluation, so there’s no difference when it comes to starting a vacation rental business.

  • Make sure you are legally allowed to rent your property as a vacation rental and check local zoning laws and regulations.
  • Research the demand for vacation rentals in a desired area and check fluctuations depending on seasonality.
  • Determine your target audience so you can tailor your offers, special offers, and perks to their needs and requirements.
  • Consider the costs of setting up and maintaining the rental, including cleaning, maintenance, and marketing expenses.
  • Pay attention to market trends to see if the scenery is changing and how your vacation rental fits in. Furthermore, keep an eye on your competitors to see how you can compete with them.

Pros & Cons of Starting a Vacation Rental Business

Starting a vacation rental business can be lucrative, but it’s important to know both the pros and cons before diving in.


📌 Note:

Even if a vacation rental business is your side job, keep in mind that it isn’t a hobby – it’s business. 

Thus, you need to be fully dedicated and actively engaged both in keeping an eye on the property and communicating with guests.

8 Tips to Start a Vacation Rental Management Business Efficently

1. Choose the Right Location

Properties in popular tourist destinations, near beaches or other attractions, or in desirable neighborhoods are more likely to attract guests and generate higher rental rates.

Location can also impact the seasonality of rental demand, as certain areas may see higher demand during specific times of the year.

2. Embellish Your Property

Having a popular location is great to get you started, but your property must also look appealing.

Thus, you need to furnish and decorate it to attract your target guests. The basic rule, regardless of your demographics, is to keep your property clean and maintained.

Regarding decoration, that will solely depend on your “audience.” This is only one of the reasons why determining your target audience plays such an important role.

For example, suppose you were renting to the younger audiences, you probably wouldn’t decorate your property like a Victorian mansion, right?

3. Set Competitive Prices

Setting competitive prices can impact the demand for the property and ultimately determine its success.

If the rental price is too high, it may deter potential guests and result in vacant periods of the property.

  • Adjust your prices to reflect seasonal demand, as peak travel times may warrant higher prices, while slow seasons may require lower prices to attract guests.
  • Offer competitive amenities, such as access to a pool, modern appliances, or a dedicated workspace, to justify higher rates.
  • Provide flexible pricing and discounts for longer stays or during low-demand periods, creating incentives for guests to stay longer and book with you again.

Ultimately, setting competitive prices can help the property stand out amongst the sea of vacation rental properties and increase the likelihood of repeat guests and positive reviews. 

💡 Pro Tip:

Consider the expenses associated with owning and maintaining the rental property, such as utilities, cleaning fees, and taxes, when setting prices to ensure profitability.

OTA SYNC’s feature “Expenses helps you track all your expenses in the property so you know your real net revenue anytime.

4. Advertise the Rental

Nowadays, there are so many ways you can advertise your vacation rental to raise visibility and brand awareness.

Create an online presence – Build a website that showcases your vacation rental with photos, descriptions, amenities, relevant blogs, and pricing.

✨ Connect with online travel agents (OTAs) – List your property on major platforms like Booking, Airbnb, VRBO, etc.

However, bear in mind that you’ll pay a certain commission fee this way.

✨Social Media Marketing – Share the information about your vacation rental on social media platforms where your target population is to increase visibility.  

✨ Paid advertising – You can advertise your vacation rental by running Google or Facebook ads and target them to specific audiences and demographics.

✨ Word of mouth – Encourage your guests to leave positive reviews and recommend your vacation rental to others.

💡 Pro Tip:

Offer incentives or discounts to previous guests who refer friends and family to your vacation rental.

With OTA SYNC’s Flexible rate and discount feature you can handle the most complex rate structures.

For example, you can offer a discounted non-refundable third-night stay.

5. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Ensure guests have a positive experience by responding promptly to inquiries and complaints, and consider providing a welcome packet or guide to the local area.

For example, you can provide spa vouchers for special days, discount coupons at certain restaurants, attractions, etc., for repeat or first-time guests.

💡 Pro Tip:

OTA SYNC’s Guest App enhances guest-staff interactions by addressing requests and feedback in real-time. 

Furthermore, it allows guests to do a fast and easy 2-click booking and access crucial information about their vacation rental, understand house rules, what is there to see nearby, etc.

6. Build Rapport with Guests

Guests who feel welcomed and appreciated are more likely to leave positive reviews, which can help attract new guests and increase the rental income.

Moreover, developing a relationship with guests can also provide insight into their experiences, likes, and dislikes.

As a result, you’ll be able to improve the rental property for future guests and increase overall satisfaction levels.

💡 Pro Tip:

Word-of-mouth marketing is incredibly important in the vacation rental industry, and having a positive reputation can lead to increased bookings and higher rental rates.

With OTA SYNC, you can boost the guest rapport by offering promotional and discount codes to say “thank you” or attract new guests with promotional offers.

7. Continuously Monitor and Improve Your Business Operations

Analyze your performance metrics, including occupancy rates, revenue, and guest feedback, to identify areas of improvement and make necessary changes to enhance the guest experience and increase profitability.

8. Opt for a Property Management System (PMS)

PMS is a powerhouse that provides software solutions to help property owners and rental managers manage their vacation rental properties more efficiently.

For example, for all the above steps that you’d have to do one by one manually, a high-quality PMS automates them for you. 😎

✅ It simplifies booking and reservation management by allowing guests to make reservations, view availability, and access property details while property owners can manage reservations in a centralized location.

✅ It automates administrative tasks like payment processing, invoicing, and property listing to save time and improve efficiency.


✅ It connects your property to major OTAs, increasing your visibility and reach.

✅ It streamlines communication with guests with tools like automatic email responses, SMS messaging, or chatbots, which can help address questions or concerns quickly and efficiently.

✅ It ensures compliance with local regulations, tax laws, and other legal requirements, which can reduce the risk of penalties or legal problems.

✅ It improves marketing strategy and revenue by providing analytics and data on rental history, revenue, and guest behavior to identify and address trends.

Thus, when choosing the PMS, make sure it is scalable and provides a wide range of features to successfully tackle your property’s everyday operations.

And we have just the solution for you – OTA SYNC!

How Can OTA SYNC Help You with Your Vacation Rental Management Business?

OTA SYNC is an all-in-one cloud-based hospitality solution addressing full property management and not just a few functionalities.

On top of that, it doesn’t steer away from giving you tools and solutions to create the ultimate guest experience and boost guest satisfaction with the Guest Experience App.

This handy mobile app offers instant online check-ins and check-outs, instant replies to guests’ queries, customizable add-ons and extras, and more.

In addition, the Guest App provides upselling features to make your guests’ stay memorable while boosting your revenue.

So, what other features make OTA SYNC such a robust solution?

🔥 Dynamic pricing that lets you set prices depending on the demand, seasonality, special dates, etc., to make sure you’re ahead of your competitors.

🔥 Customization options to modify and personalize your property’s brand with custom filters, content, maps, and promotions.

🔥 The Booking Engine to manage and update room availability, rates, and bookings in real time to have them in sync at any given moment.

🔥 Channel Manager to connect and synchronize your OTA channels and do bulk changes for large date ranges, auto-yield rate plans, etc.

🔥 Running and managing multiple properties from a centralized dashboard, and thanks to Multi-property hub integration, connect the Booking Engine to your website to be more OTA independent.

🔥 Automated payment processes in multiple currencies with our OTA Payment Processor and keep sensitive information secure.

🔥 Benefits from actionable property performance insights due to our in-depth analytics and reporting tools.

The choices are abundant.

Curious to discover more?

Sign up for OTA SYNC today and turn vacation rental management into a profitable entrepreneurial venture.

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