4 Little Hotelier Alternatives to Consider in 2024

4 Little Hotelier Alternatives to Consider in 2024

If you’re in the hospitality business, you know having a reliable hotel management system is essential. 

Actually, according to fellow hoteliers, using tech solutions had the greatest impact on their efficiency.

Little Hotelier has been a popular choice for small to mid-sized hotels, but with the hospitality industry evolving, it’s good to explore other options that might better suit your needs. 

Not sure where to start? That’s where we jump in with our curated Little Hotelier Alternatives list.

Let’s dive in!

Little Hotelier: Overview


Little Hotelier is a hotel management system for smaller hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, inns, motels, etc.

It allows hoteliers to manage all aspects of their business, including reservations, front desk operations, payments, etc.

Little Hotelier offers an array of features and tools to assist you in maximizing revenue while maintaining control and automation of your daily operations.

With its mobile app available on iOS and Android, you can perform check-ins, check-outs, reservation creation and modification, and accept online payments, etc.

In addition, you can also set push notifications to alert you about new bookings or changes in real-time.

While Little Hotelier may have fewer integrations than some competitors, it still provides integrations with different apps, booking channels, and metasearch platforms.


Pricing depends on the number of rooms, starting from €109 per month. You can use a 14-day Free Trial regardless of the number of rooms.


Little Hotelier: Pros & Cons

According to user reviews, these are Little Hotelier’s main pros and cons.


🟢 Easy to use.

🟢 Has a mobile app.

🟢 Suitable for smaller property types.


🔴 Doesn’t have multiple currency options.

🔴 Hard to get hold of customer support.

🔴 Hard to cancel a Free Trial.

Little Hotelier: Scoreboard

Let’s see how Little Hotelier ranks in our scoreboard regarding the ease of use, features, customer service, and pricing.


 4 Little Hotelier Alternatives You Should Try



OTA SYNC is an all-in-one property management software that provides innovative tech solutions to streamline, automate, and facilitate front desk operations and everyday tasks.

Furthermore, its centralized multi-property dashboard allows you to manage and update bookings and property details, optimize pricing, etc.

Moreover, OTA SYNC doesn’t neglect the guest experience, so it equips you with the Guest App to simplify online check-ins, provide tailored recommendations, etc.

Therefore, OTA SYNC is a comprehensive tool covering every property management aspect.

Key Features

Channel Manager – Enables you to oversee and modify room availability, rates, and bookings instantly to ensure consistency across multiple OTA’s and booking channels.

The Booking Engine – An integrated online reservation system that allows guests to make direct bookings, check room availability, view pricing, etc.

Multi-Property hub integration – Allows you to connect a customized booking engine to your website.

Plug and Play Revenue Booster – Lets you modify and adapt prices based on specific dates and seasonality, do bulk changes for large date ranges, etc.

OTA Payments – A fully integrated payment gateway that instantly automates payment transactions.

Apart from these core features, OTA SYNC also has robust analytics and reporting tools that provide valuable statistics into:

  • the number of nights your guests have stayed, 
  • your average and max revenue, 
  • monthly occupancy, etc.

Moreover,  OTA SYNC provides a 2-way XML connection with all major OTAs and rich integrations with platforms like Paypal, Stripe, AdriaScan, HubSpot, etc.

In case you need a more tailored solution, you can use an open API for further customization to meet your specific needs.

Speaking of customization, that is another handy feature –  You can tailor the platform to reflect your hotel’s unique brand through custom filters, content, maps, and promotions.


OTA SYNC has 4 Premium Plans, starting from €55, each with a 14-day Free Trial.


OTA SYNC: Pros & Cons

According to Captera user reviews, here come the key pros and cons.


🟢 Has a centralized and intuitive dashboard.

🟢 Has easy onboarding without needing external help.

🟢 Provides comprehensive hotel management features.


🔴 Doesn’t have online check-in and upselling features at this moment, but they are coming soon.

OTA SYNC: Scoreboard


2. Lodgify


Lodgify is a cloud-based vacation rental and PMS that helps smaller-size property owners manage reservations, payments, and bookings from one platform.

Thus, the solution caters to small and mid-sized businesses.

Some of its prominent features include the Channel Manager, Property Management Software, Website Builder, Booking System, Smart Pricing, etc.

In addition, Lodgify also offers vacation rental website templates you can customize by adding your own photos and content.

Regarding integrations, Lodgify integrates with major OTAs and other platforms you can filter according to categories such as Business tools, Cleaning, Dynamic pricing, etc.

Key Features

Property Management System – Allows you to manage all your bookings, tasks, finances, and guest communications from one online centralized platform.

Website Builder – Provides customizable templates to help you build a vacation rental website.

Booking System – A built-in booking engine that allows you to manage all aspects of the booking process, including submitting quotes and confirmations, sending payment requests, and tracking guest payments.

Lodgify Dynamic Pricing – Analyzes market trends and similar listings to update your rates automatically.

Lodgify Mobile App – Lets you manage bookings, calendars, staff, and guest messaging on the go.


Prices depend on the number of rentals and features, and they start from €11 for one room, excluding a 1.9% booking fee.

There are 3 Premium plans, each with a 7-day Free Trial.


Lodgify: Pros & Cons

Below are the main pros and cons according to Getapp users.


🟢 Easy to use.

🟢 Has website builder templates.

🟢 Has responsive customer service.


🔴 Has less advanced reporting functionalities than some competitors.

🔴 The app can glitch occasionally.

🔴 Preview rates don’t show the final rate you will get.

Lodgify: Scoreboard


3. Hotelogix


Hotelogix is a cloud-based PMS software catering to independent and hotel groups.

Its focus is on automating and facilitating operations while driving revenue.

It offers various features, such as room reservation, front desk management, and housekeeping, that fall into 4 main categories:

  • Hotel PMS
  • Channel Manager
  • Web Booking Engine, and
  • Guest Service App.

Regarding integrations, Hotelogix integrates with third-party solutions, including various Hotel Channel Managers, Revenue Management Solutions, CRM, Payment Gateways, etc.

Key Features

Front Desk management – Provides a grid-like reservation chart to update bookings, view real-time details of room inventory, track check-ins and check-outs, etc.

Global Distribution System (GDS) – Connects to you multiple OTAs, including four major global distribution systems: Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, and Worldspan.

Channel Manager – Updates room inventory and rates in real-time.

Reports – Provide insights into your property’s performance, revenue, and reservations.

Guest Service App – Covers many steps of the booking process by allowing guests to do self-check-ins and outs, request service, leave feedback, etc.


Hotelogix has 2 main pricing categories: independent and multi-property.

For the Independent one, prices start from $3.99 per room per month, whereas for the Multi-property, prices are based on the room inventory and number of properties.


Hotelogix: Pros & Cons

According to Capterra users, these are the pros and cons of Hotelogix.


🟢 Easy to use.

🟢 Has responsive customer service.

🟢 Has a user-friendly interface.


🔴 The onboarding process is time-consuming.

🔴 Lacks features such as accounting, linen management, etc., in the PMS.

🔴 Lacks more advanced reporting capabilities.

Hotelogix: Scoreboard


4. innRoad


innRoad is a web-based hotel management software offering solutions to streamline the booking process, migrate your data, automate tasks, manage your revenue, etc.

It caters to independent and boutique hotels, inns, BnBs, etc.

Besides the core features that comprise the Booking Engine, Reservation Management, Task Management, Revenue Management, and Advanced Reporting, add-ons include:

  • Payment Processing,
  • Channel Management,
  • Online Check-In / Check-Out,
  • Website Development, and
  • Google Booking Links.

When it comes to integrations, innRoad integrates with major OTAs, such as Airbnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, etc.

Key Features

The Booking Engine – Integrates directly with your website and displays and synchronizes room rates and availability, lets you offer upsells and add-ons, etc.

Reservation Management – Enables you to receive and confirm bookings across channels, change or update reservations, view all the bookings, etc.

Task Management – Helps you create, delegate and track tasks, including housekeeping, maintenance, or front desk to-dos.

Revenue Management –  Monitors daily occupancy rates, RevPAR, and cancellations, compares your performance to competitors, provides revenue forecasts, etc.

Advanced Reporting – Provides insights into your current performance, front-desk analytics, booking activities, etc.


The pricing is on demand and depends on the property (size, room count, etc.), but it is approximately $150 per month for most properties.

innRoad: Pros & Cons

Here’s what Capterra users think of innRoad.


🟢 Easy to use.

🟢 Has responsive customer service.

🟢 Has revenue management features.


🔴 The software can glitch occasionally.

🔴 Doesn’t have automated cancellation emails.

🔴 The group-booking feature isn’t intuitive.

innRoad: Scoreboard


Little Hotelier Alternatives: Final Verdict

Before wrapping up, we’ve prepared a comparison chart for the Little Hotelier Alternatives we’ve covered to help you further with making the right choice. 


Choosing the right property management software depends on multiple factors, including the size and number of your properties, budget, features, and customization options the solution offers.

Our final advice would be to opt for OTA SYNC because you don’t need external help for onboarding, and you get the full hotel management package rather than specific functionalities.

Why Opt For OTA SYNC?

OTA SYNC is an all-encompassing hotel property management software that helps you run your everyday operations and bookings more efficiently and easily.

Furthermore, it doesn’t compromise the guest experience and provides a plethora of features to streamline the booking process, provide tailored recommendations, etc. 

What else is in store for you?

🔥 Multi-property dashboard that enables you to manage everything from the centralized dashboard without switching tabs.

🔥 Easy setup of different tax and general settings based on specific markets.

🔥 Plug and play revenue booster that allows you to optimize and change your pricing based on the pre-set criteria and parameters.

🔥 A fully integrated payment gateway that instantly processes transactions.

And the list goes on.

Ready to dig deeper into OTA SYNC?

Sign up for OTA SYNC today to streamline your hotel’s operations and tasks.

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