7 Opera Hotel Software Alternatives to Try in 2024

7 Opera Hotel Software Alternatives to Try in 2024

Opera is a popular, intuitive property management system with multiple automation features.

However, according to some users, despite reporting versatility, you may run into issues with a slower and glitchy reporting function that makes you consider other options. 

We did the heavy lifting and created a list of 7 Opera hotel software alternatives that may better suit your needs.

Let’s dive in!

7 Opera Hotel Software Alternatives You Should Try




OTA SYNC is an all-encompassing cloud-based property management that facilitates and automates the management of all property sizes

Thus, you can simplify your reservation and booking processes, manage your rooms and rates, and streamline other hotel operations. 

In addition to improving your hospitality operations, OTA SYNC also caters to your guests’ satisfaction through its Guest App.

The app focuses on driving loyalty by providing tailored recommendations, room upgrades, smooth check-ins, upselling possibilities, etc.

Regarding integrations, OTA SYNC not only provides a 2-way connection with major OTAs but also offers an iCal link generator and open API for other channels.

Moreover, the software also has a mobile app, allowing you to access all the info quickly and easily. 

Key Features

Channel Manager – Minimizes the risk of double bookings by allowing you to sync data across all the channels simultaneously.

Customizable Booking Engine – Allows you to get direct bookings from your website, offer additional special prices and packages, set minimum and maximum stays, etc.

Multi-Property hub integration – Lets you connect a customized booking engine to your website and increase the booking rates.

Integrated payment gateway –  Enables you to initiate multiple-currency payments with a single click, manage flexible and non-refundable payments, etc. 

Plug and Play Revenue Booster – Allows you to set dynamic pricing depending on various factors, such as seasonality, demand, etc.

Multi-property Dashboard – Lets you manage, edit and overview multiple properties from a single dashboard.

Besides customizing your booking engine, you can also tailor the platform to reflect your hotel’s unique brand with custom filters, content, maps, promotions, etc.


OTA SYNC has 4 Premium Plans, starting from €55 if billed annually. 

Each has a 14-day Free Trial, giving you access to all features so you can see the benefits they can bring.


OTA SYNC: Pros & Cons


🟢 Has a versatile Channel Manager.

🟢 Has a centralized and user-friendly dashboard. 

🟢 Provides easy onboarding without needing external assistance.


🔴 Currently lacks online check-in and upselling features, but they are coming soon.

2. Sirvoy


Sirvoy is a property management system comprising a Hospitality Management System, Booking Engine, Website Builder, and integrated Channel Manager.

Thus, it enables you to manage all aspects of your business, from booking to guest experience.

Sirvoy integrates with major OTAs and offers an iCal import/export feature to automatically update your availability on vacation rental sites that support the iCal format.

Key Features

Calendar View – Enables you to organize and manage bookings from a single place.

Channel Manager – Collects reservations from all the channels and updates availability in real time.

Customizable Booking Engine – Captures online bookings and directs them to your website.

Website Builder – Allows you to tailor your website with multiple selections of colors, texts, and images.

Dynamic Pricing – Enables you to customize rate plans based on your criteria.


Sirvoy offers 2 Premium Plans, starting from $ 10 monthly per room. Both plans have a 14-day Free Trial.


Sirvoy: Pros & Cons

According to Capterra users, these are the main pros and cons of Sirvoy.


🟢 User-friendly and easy to use.

🟢 Has a live chat option.

🟢 Has affordable pricing.


🔴 Provides only basic features.

🔴 Slow on updates.

🔴 The constant need for authentication codes.

3. Maestro PMS


Maestro PMS is a cloud and on-premise property management system that provides over 20 integrated management modules, from front office to analytics.

It also has a mobile and contact-free guest engagement option that allows guests to customize their experience, check in and check out online, and more.

Regarding integrations, Maestro PMS provides connections to GDS and OTAs, as well as open APIs.

Key Features

Front Office – Provides tools to align all operating departments with centralized messaging, a single calendar view, automated reminders, payment requests, etc.

CRM – Offers a guest database of all past, current, and future reservations and stay information.

Customizable online Booking Engine – Provides info about your property, real-time rates, availability and inventory, etc. 

Multi-property dashboard – A centralized database that allows you to cross-sell properties and amenities, check property performance metrics and guest behavior, etc.

MezzoPay – Allows you to integrate credit card processing directly into the Maestro PMS platform, and is compatible with payment terminals.


Maestro PMS doesn’t list pricing, but it depends on user licensing, the number of integrated modules, and whether you prefer cloud hosting or on-premise.

Maestro PMS: Pros & Cons

According to HotelTechReport’s reviews, these are the main pros and cons of Maestro PMS.


🟢 Easy to use.

🟢 Has a flexible system.

🟢 Has a good customer support.


🔴 The web version doesn’t support report formats.

🔴 The UI is a bit dated.

🔴 Lacks the 2FA access.

4. ResNexus


ResNexus is a cloud-based hotel management software that provides a custom website design and automated yield management tools.

It also caters to guest convenience via a fully automated lock system that provides lock codes automatically.

In addition to self-built systems, ResNexus offers various integrations with OTAs, payment and analytics platforms, etc.

Key Features

Websites – Provide custom websites with SEO Articles included, but also template websites with less customizable options.

Direct Connect – Helps you manage all your channels, rooms, and rates in one place.

ResNexus Payments – Allows you to accept all the major card types and provide GDPR and PCI certification.

Travel Protection – Protects your business from last-minute cancellations and reimburses the amount.

Customizable Booking Engine – Enables you to display your property and availability and make add-on product recommendations.


ResNexus doesn’t enclose pricing details, but according to G2, there are 3 Premium Plans, starting from $30 per month with a Free Trial.

ResNexus: Pros & Cons

According to Capterra users, these are the main pros and cons of ResNexus.


🟢 Easy to integrate into a website.

🟢 Keep adding updates and new features.

🟢 Has a good customer support.


🔴 Could have a better a better market/retail module.

🔴 Has occasional glitches.

🔴 Some integrations take time to implement.

5. Hotelizer PMS


Hotelizer PMS is a cloud-based PMS that helps you handle reservations, payments, housekeeping, and more.

It primarily caters to properties in Greece and Europe and provides two-way integration with the WebHotelier booking engine. 

Thus, it instantly imports reservations from OTAs and the booking engine to your PMS.

Key Features

Control Panel – Enables you to track arrivals, departures, in-house, availability plan, occupancy rates, reservations, etc. 

Calendar – Allows you to make group reservations, change room allocation, split – merge a reservation, extend or reduce the stay of a reservation, lock a room, etc. 

Reservations – Provide filters you can apply to manage guests, travel agents, and companies.

Rate Plans – Enables you to create rate plans for all or specific room types and to group and connect them to specific payment and cancellation policies.

Housekeeping – Provides mobile access to your staff to update room status in real time.


The info is not available, but according to multiple resources, such as Capterra, GetApp, etc, the prices start from € 300 per year, and there is no free trial.

Hotelizer PMS: Pros & Cons

According to Capterra users, these are the main pros and cons of Hotelizer PMS.


🟢 Easy to use and user-friendly.

🟢 Has a flexible system.

🟢 Has a good customer support.


🔴 Applying filters doesn’t always run smoothly.

🔴 Doesn’t have a mobile app.

🔴 Lacks direct messaging to guests.

6. WebRezPro


WebRezPro is property management software that provides multiple solutions for front desk operations, booking processes, payments, rate management, etc.

Besides providing integrations with major OTAs and GDS, it also offers integrations with electronic keylocks and smart room technology.

Key Features

Front Desk Software – Provides various room reservation options, contactless check-ins, guest ledgers and profiles, payment options, etc.

Booking Engine – Shows unit slideshows, bookable maps, availability calendars, etc., to control inventory, pricing, and availability.

Rate Management – Enables you to create a flexible pricing strategy, including package, negotiated, and derived rates.

WebRezPay – Automates online and in-person payment acceptance via its integrated payment processing solution.

Reporting – Includes reports on performance statistics, custom reservations, etc., as well as tax reports.


WebRezPro doesn’t list the pricing details but charges a monthly subscription fee that depends on the type and size of your property.

WebRezPro: Pros & Cons

According to Capterra users, these are the main pros and cons of WebRezPro.


🟢 Has a customizable report feature.

🟢 Easy to use.

🟢 Has a good customer support.


🔴 Lacks sales and catering features to complement the group and event aspects.

🔴 Its integrated payment solution is available in the US only.

🔴 The split folio option isn’t intuitive.

7. RMS Cloud


RMS Cloud is property management software offering solutions to enhance operational efficiencies and management capabilities.

The platform consists of 6 major components:

  • PMS
  • Online Reservations
  • Guest Experience
  • Business Insights
  • RMS PAY, and
  • RMS POS.

RMS CLud provides integrations to major OTAs and various payment, CRM, revenue management, and other platforms.

Key Features

Online Reservation – Shows all rates and availability, inventory distribution, etc.

Business Intelligence –  Provides customizable report writing tools, and insights into snapshots of your operations, status or reservations, etc. 

Dynamic Rate Management – Monitors market demand to provide you with optimized rates and adapt a pricing strategy.

Marketing Tools – Enable you to connect with your guests before, during, and after their stay and use guest engagement modules such as rewards and loyalty programs.

RMS PAY – Provides multiple payment options and allows you to process online payments through OTAs and direct bookings.


Pricing isn’t listed, but it depends on the property type and location, among other things. 

RMS Cloud: Pros & Cons

According to Capterra users, these are the main pros and cons of WebRezPro.


🟢 Easily connects to OTAs.

🟢 Has a great number of features.

🟢 Possibility to do owner accounting.


🔴 The system is prone to crashing.

🔴 Can be difficult to navigate sometimes.

🔴 Stores only 48 months’ worth of data.

Which Opera Hotel Software Alternative to Use?

The above Opera hotel software alternatives can be great starting points if you are looking for a change.

If you are a small to medium-sized property, then Siroy might be a good choice. 

On the other hand, if you run bigger or more versatile properties, Maestro PMS could be a good solution to start from.

However, if you need a system that caters to all property sizes and provides robust features to streamline everyday operations, then you should consider OTA SYNC.🚀

Why Should OTA SYNC Be Your Go-To Solution?

OTA SYNC is a cloud-based all-in-one solution providing robust features to address the full hotel management and not just one functionality.

Thus, you can:

🔥 Do seamless onboarding in just 1 day without external assistance.

🔥 Automatically send reports on your email at a preferred rate without having to log on to the system and adjust the parameters manually.

🔥 Securely collect credit card details and charge the card in-house

🔥 Use the Bidding Feature, and your potential guests can bid so you don’t lose them if they want to pay a slightly lower price.

🔥 Do flexible tax and general settings adaptable to different markets.

🔥 Control room distribution to avoid overbooking or underselling due to automatic updates.

And so much more.

Enticed to have a go at OTA SYNC?

Sign up for OTA SYNC today to automate your property’s everyday operations.

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