OTA Sync: Integration with Guest Joy application

OTA Sync: Integration with Guest Joy application

We would like to inform you that OTA Sync has been successfully connected to the Guest Joy app as of today!

Users of the system will have the opportunity to use an application that will improve the guest experience. Integrating our Property Management System and Channel Manager with the Guest Joy application will significantly reduce the time spent at the reception, reduce unnecessary costs and unnecessary administration.

So, in addition to our system, you are also able to use the GuestJoy app!

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Guest Joy contains :

  • Online check-in which facilitates and eliminates unnecessary waiting in line at the reception with faster and easier registration via the mobile application.
  • Upselling to enhance the guest experience through personalized offerings.
  • Feedback is a great way to increase the hotel’s reputation. Ask guests to leave reviews on various sites (such as TripAdvisor), which will make it easier for you to review all your guest reviews.
  • Announcements in the form of a message about important events that are important for their stay.

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