11 Smoobu Alternatives You Should Try in 2024

11 Smoobu Alternatives You Should Try in 2024

While Smoobu provides a comprehensive solution for vacation rental management, it may not fit everyone’s needs or budget. 

Fortunately, other options are available in the market, catering to different business models and budget constraints.

So, buckle up as we walk you through 11 Smoobu alternatives to help you find the best fit for your business.

Let’s dive in!

11 Smoobu Alternatives You Should Try Today

* All pros and cons are based on the most recent user reviews from TrustPilot, Capterra, G2crowd, and GetApp.



OTA SYNC is an all-in-one hotel property management system to facilitate, streamline, and automate your everyday front desk tasks and operations – for all property sizes.

Besides core PMS features, OTA SYNC also caters to providing the ultimate guest experience and satisfaction with its Guest App that simplifies online check-ins, provides tailored recommendations, etc.

Furthermore, OTA’s centralized multi-property dashboard allows you to manage and update bookings and property details, optimize pricing, etc., without switching accounts.

The software provides a 2-way XML connection with all major OTAs and rich integrations with platforms like Paypal, Stripe, AdriaScan, HubSpot, etc.

Additionally, you can also use an open API for further customization.

Regarding customization,  you can tailor the platform to reflect your hotel’s unique brand through custom filters, content, maps, and promotions.

Key Features

Property management solution – Encompasses features such as reservation management, room assignment, check-in and-out processes, etc., to centralize hotel operations and efficiently handle bookings.

Channel management solution – Acts as a centralized hub, allowing you to control room distribution and avoid overbooking or underselling efficiently while optimizing the distribution of hotel room inventory across various OTAs.

Booking engine solution – Provides a user-friendly interface for visitors to check room availability, view pricing, and complete secure bookings in real time.

Plug and Play Revenue Booster –  Lets you modify and adapt prices based on specific dates and seasonality, do bulk changes for large date ranges, etc.

Multi-Property hub integration – Allows you to connect a customized booking engine to your website.

Deep analytics tools – Provide detailed info on revenue, finance & in-hotel reports.

Besides these key features, OTA SYNC also provides payment solutions that instantly automate customer payment transactions through various channels, including online, in-store, or mobile.

Furthermore, OTA SYNC provides multiple currencies and updates the exchange rate daily.


OTA SYNC has 4 Premium Plans, starting from €55 if billed annually. Each plan has a 14-day Free Trial.


2. iGMS


iGMS is a short-term vacation rental software that helps you manage properties across various OTA channels.

It provides automation tools to make direct bookings, build a website, and enhance guest experience.

iGMS provides solutions for vacation rental owners, property managers, and vacation rental management companies.

Key Features

Channel Manager – Provides integrations with major OTAs.

Unified Inbox – Allows you to navigate between reservations, threads, unread messages, and new booking requests within a Unified Inbox.

Automated Messaging – Converts your most used responses into templates.

Multi-Platform Synchronization – Syncs all calendar data from any short-term vacation rental platform.

Website Builder – Provides customizable templates with various layouts, color schemes, fonts, etc., to design a direct booking website.


iGMS has 4 Premium Plans, each with a 14-day Free Trial. The pricing depends on the number of properties, and it starts from $19 for 1 property.


3. Hostaway


Hostaway is vacation rental software offering features that range from property and channel manager over automation tools to analytics and reporting.

Thanks to its open API, the software is quite flexible, enabling you to build additional tools. It provides hospitality solutions to all property sizes.

Key Features 

Property Management – Keeps track of your bookings from a single dashboard.

Channel Manager – Allows you to connect to major OTAs and multiple niche websites, and smaller OTAs.

Automation tools – Automate repetitive tasks, such as cleaning and maintenance, and automate messaging, review gathering, etc.

Booking Website – Allows you to integrate your existing booking website or build a new one.

Analytics and Reporting – Provide customizable reports for your KPIs, occupancy reports, financial reporting, etc.


Hostaway doesn’t list its pricing but offers customized pricing with no free trial. 

However, it offers paid trials to property managers with more than 200 properties under management. 

4. OwnerRez


OwnerRez is vacation rental software comprising channel and property management as well as a website building.

It caters to vacation rental owners and property managers and provides solutions for all property sizes.

Key Features

Channel Management – Connects your property with major OTAs, allows you to compare channel rates side by side, and to sync and manage everything from one dashboard.

Messaging – Offers personalized templates you can send automatically with triggers and dynamic SMS, email, Airbnb ,and VRBO messaging.

Website builder – Enables you to build a website, add widgets to your own site, or use OwnerRez’s WordPress plugin.

Reporting – Provides various stay, summary, and detail reports you can export to Excel or CSV files.

Guest CRM – Automates and stores all guest records and collects, stores, and hosts guest reviews.


OwnerRez doesn’t offer different Premium Plans – the price is based on the number of properties, starting from $40 per month and with a 14-day Free Trial.

However, Premium features are charged additionally.


5. Tokeet


Tokeet is vacation rental management software that provides solutions to automate your workflow, set dynamic rates, and coordinate with service providers.

It caters to single and multiple rental owners, as well as to SMB businesses and enterprises.

Key Features

Channel Management – Keeps track of your rate and availability syncs to channels.

Automation tools – Automate all tasks related to guest booking, such as notifying the staff, greeting your guests, sending contracts, etc.

Website Builder – Provides customizable templates with custom domains and booking engine.

Dynamic pricing – Enables you to set the pricing strategy based on historical trends, your rental’s occupancy, a fixed price, etc.

Invoicing – Allows you to schedule and automate your invoices and receive notifications when they are due, past due, or paid.


Tokeet doesn’t have different plans, so the price depends on the number of properties, starting from $14.99 per month for a single property.

There is a 15-day Free Trial.


6. Yanolja (ex eZee Absolute)


Yanolja automates all hotel operations, from front and back office over reservations to billing and housekeeping.

It encourages contactless services, from acquiring bookings to being in touch with your guests post-departure.

Yanolja caters to all property sizes: vacation rentals, property chains, B&Bs, guest houses, hotels, etc.

Key Features

Reservation Center – Lets you manage all bookings and reservations from one place.

Booking Engine – Enables direct booking from any device, as well as choosing multiple room types in a single booking, multiple payment options, discounts, etc.

Channel Manager – manages your inventory across all connected distribution channels.

Revenue Management – Enables you to set up discounts, special offers, etc., with bulk edits to adjust the pricing strategy depending on seasonality.


Pricing depends on the property type. There are 4 Premium Plans for vacation rentals, starting from $27 per month ( paid annually) for 1 property. 

Each plan has a 14-day Free Trial.


7. Kigo


Kigo is a vacation rental solution that focuses on operation, revenue management, and enhancing the guest experience.

It caters to vacation rental managers and helps them inform property owners via financial and reporting tools.

Key Features

Reservation Software – Gives you visibility into all bookings and inquiries across multiple properties.

Channel ManagerDistributes your property data to OTAs, syncs your calendars, rates and availability with them, lets you set flexible pricing rules, etc.

Operations Manager – Helps you organize staff workflows, provides a complete overview of staff activities, monitors their daily work progress, etc.

Website Builder – Offers 2 packages that include features such as guest ratings and reviews, analytics, smart filters, multiple languages, etc.

Owner Experience – Enables you to create multiple owner statements in bulk, automatically calculate property management commissions, controls what each owner sees, etc.


Kigo doesn’t provide any info regarding pricing unless you contact Sales, but it is based on the number of properties.

8. Hosthub


Hosthub is a short-term rental management software with rich channel management features.

Its solutions cover property and revenue management, reporting, etc., catering to short-term rental owners and managers.

Key Features

Availability & Rate Sync – Synchronizes your calendars and rates across multiple channels and allows you to set the rates.

Expense Management – Tracks all your expenses along with useful charts, top lists, and basic metrics and allows you to select categories you want to check out.

Unified Inbox– Centralizes all channel guest communications and internal exchanges in a single inbox.

Automated Messaging – Allows you to schedule and personalize your emails to your guests by including reservation-specific details.

Reports and Charts – Provides full reports regarding your rentals, channels, dates, occupancy rates, etc.


Hosthub’s Pricing Plan includes the Channel Manager and PMS, and it depends on the number of properties, starting from $20 per month for 1 property. 

There is a 14-day Free Trial.

However, the Booking Engine, Revenue Booster, etc., are sold separately and range from $75 to $799.


9. Uplisting 


Uplisting is a property management software for vacation rentals and short-term rentals. 

It helps vacation rental owners automate their operations, manage reservations from multiple channels, automate guest communication, etc.

Uplisting primarily caters to vacation rental owners and short-term rental hosts, including property managers, vacation rental management companies, etc. 

Key Features

Multi-calendar – Allows you to manage bookings, prices, availability, and restrictions in a single view.

Unified Inbox – Centralises guest communications and manages all of your booking sites and customer requests.

Channel Manager – Provides real-time sync via direct API/XML integrations with major OTAs, but also direct booking through your website.

Automated Guest Reviews – Enables you to collect more guest reviews and rank higher


Uplisting has 2 Premium Plans, starting from $100 per month for 1 property. The Pro Plan has a Free Trial.


10. Guesty


Guesty is vacation rental management software that helps hosts and property managers automate their operations from one platform.

It provides core property management features and add-ons ranging from damage protection to price optimizer to payment methods.

Guesty caters more to larger vacation rental property management companies, but it also established Guesty for Hosts for owners renting up to 3 properties.

Key Features

Automation tools – Automate various daily operations from communication to task management.

Direct Reservations – Comprise website builder, the possibility to override rules and cancellation policies, customized rate strategies and quotes, etc.

Channel Manager – Lets you manage reservations from multiple OTAs from a single dashboard and communicate with guests through automated messaging or SMS.

Guesty CRM – Enables guest data collection, audience segmentation building, guest interaction tracking and monitoring, etc.

Analytics – Gives you insight into your property performance by comparing it with market data and trends, showing a yearly revenue breakdown, etc.


Guesty offers 3 Premium Plans, starting from $27 a month.


11. Lodgify


Lodgify is a vacation rental and property management software that helps smaller-size property owners manage reservations, payments, and bookings.

It caters to small and mid-sized businesses and offers solutions based on business size and accommodation type.

Key Features

Property Management System – Comprises all your bookings, tasks, finances, and guest communications under one roof.

Channel Manager – Helps you manage reservations and calendars across multiple OTA channels.

Website builder – Provides templates to design and build a custom website to showcase your vacation rental property.

Lodgify Dynamic Pricing – Analyzes listing attributes, market conditions, local trends, and similar listings to update your rates automatically.

Booking System – Allows you to receive direct bookings and control them from one centralized dashboard.


Lodgify has 3 Premium plans, each with a 7-day Free Trial.

Prices depend on the number of rentals and features, and they start from $17 for one property, minus a 1.9% booking fee.


11 Smoobu Alternatives – Let’s Recap!

Our 11 Smoobu alternatives should be more than enough to get you going. Each comes with its own unique features and different pricing options.

If we could provide you with one final tip, it would be to opt for OTA SYNC.

Why Should You Give OTA SYNC a Try?

OTA SYNC is an all-encompassing hotel management solution that provides a plethora of features to facilitate and automate the management of all property sizes.

With OTA SYNC, you can:

🔥 Address the full hotel management instead of just one functionality.

🔥 Do smooth onboarding in just 1 day without needing an external assistant.

🔥 View and manage multiple listings from a centralized dashboard to never lose sight of any of your properties again.

🔥 Connect a customized booking engine to your website to maximize direct bookings.

🔥 Have a clear overview of all the bookings and real-time updates on a centralized drag-and-drop calendar.

🔥 Do flexible tax settings depending on specific markets.

🔥 Change sales and pricing settings independently based on pre-set limitations.

And so much more.

🔥 Access premium features such as Banquet, Event, SPA, etc. to improve guest experience and deliver high-quality services.

Ready to give OTA SYNC a go?

Sign up for OTA SYNC today to redefine how you run your property.

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