When is the right time to change your PMS?

When is the right time to change your PMS?

The Property Management System or the reception system plays a major role in the hotel’s business. The reception system provides information on check-in and check-out, room layout, restrictions and availability, and analytics of companies and sales channels. The software saves time and costs, increases the number of reservations, and facilitates communication between the sales and reception sectors. If you are not satisfied with the functioning of the currently integrated PMS in your facility, below we talk about the potential signs that your facility already needs a new PMS.

1. It is not integrated solution

If PMS is not the only solution that successfully integrates with Channel Manager and Booking Engine, the first sign is to change the existing PMS. Cloud technology is a great way to connect that allows hoteliers to successfully do their business from anywhere at any time.

Integrating PMS with various providers offering Channel Manager or Booking Engine, or some additional features needed to run the facility takes a lot of money and time. In addition, it is complicated for your employees and may require more training time than integrated systems.

2. Employees are not happy with the current PMS

If employees are frustrated by the fact that PMS is not functioning as it should, it is also a signal to change the existing system. Namely, if it is too complicated and not efficient or customer support is not available when needed, you may need to contact another provider whose customer experience is better ranked.

The main feature of good PMS is simplicity. A more complicated Property Management System requires a lot of time for employees to adjust, so it is possible for them to perform easy tasks longer. Cloud technology, automation, and mobile applications make it easier to perform tasks.

3. Poor value for money

If you continue to use outdated IT systems, which require physical servers and high costs of investing, maintaining, and using the system, you should definitely focus on finding a new provider. Excessively high price for not so good quality does not pay off over a long period of time.

Before you decide on a new PMS, carefully consider whether the price is a reflection of the quality and vice versa. Since most people first consider the price when making a purchase decision, a lower price is usually a reflection of low quality, but a high price does not necessarily mean top quality. So, choose PMS that is user-friendly, easy to use, and that provides the functions that your facility needs.

4. ROI is not satisfactory

Last on the list, but not the least significant signal for change is the poor ROI of your facility. ROI is a financial metric that is very important for business. Satisfaction of guests is one of the ways to increase ROI, so cloud technology versus on-premise definitely leads to higher revenues and satisfied guests. How?

Automating business, marketing, analytics management, automated guest reports, and all the other features that cloud technology brings, will help increase the productivity and efficiency of your staff by reducing costs. In addition, it not only reduces staff time to perform daily administrative activities but also generates revenue for your business.

Most hoteliers are afraid of switching to the new PMS, which is why they are reluctant to use the existing ones, although they are not satisfied, which can have a negative impact on business. So, if you are at least a little hesitant about the current software, now is the time to change it.

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