How To Attract More Direct Bookings?

How To Attract More Direct Bookings?

For the hotel industry online presence is more necessary than ever. Travelers search for destinations, hotels, and accommodations online, so visibility on the Google search engine is important.

Considering the fact that there are a large number of hotels and apartments around the world, the question arises “How to stand out from the competition“?

Advertising on different OTA channels such as, Airbnb, Expedia, and others will surely bring reservations to your property because it implies a simple and easy booking process, which travelers love. Channel Manager definitely increases visibility online.

However, for better positioning and getting more direct bookings for your facility, there are other ways that we deal with in more detail below.

Optimized websites

Site optimization is more than necessary. Your website must be simple, visually beautiful, practical, and mobile responsive. Since most people nowadays use their smartphones to search, this kind of optimization is really important.

Make sure to highlight the great content and personalized service they offer to their guests, so they spend more time exploring your website. In addition, increase your presence by using social platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, where you will present your offer to attract as many potential guests as possible.

#1 search engine position

Coordinated marketing and website are a win-win strategy for your facility. First of all, you need to know who are the guests who most often book your accommodation. They can be, for example, business people, families, students, etc. By defining the target group, you can create your strategy. Make sure to study their habits, expectations, and needs in detail so they choose your facility.

Many hotels use Google campaigns to ensure that their target group clicks on their website. Google campaigns help you stand out and find yourself in the top position on the search engine. With the help of some free tools like Keyword Planner, you can define what keywords people have searched for, sort them, and much more.

Organic site visibility (SEO) takes a little more time to show effects, but it’s definitely worth it! Quality content through blogs is a great way to increase search engine visibility. You can write about attractions, events related to your hotel, and various content that you think your guests are interested in. Direct bookings in this way are certainly guaranteed!

Booking Engine – Commission free

The main way to attract a large number of direct bookings is certainly the combination of your website with the Booking Engine. The time of inquiries and reservation forms is long gone because while guests are waiting for an answer or confirmation of the reservation, they are already on another website that has this function.

The advantages of the Booking Engine are enormous. Guests can instantly see room availability, photos, special benefits, and prices. You can easily and quickly book accommodation, and the main difference between advertising on OTA channels and your own Booking Engine is that sometimes OTA channels charge a booking fee.

The combination of Booking Engine with website design is a winning combination for achieving a large number of direct reservations.

OTA Sync Booking Engine is fully adapted to the mobile version, with easy and fast integration, modern design, and for all types of accommodation.

Start your journey with a free trial today.

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