What is the minimum invoice amount?

The minimum invoice amount is the amount charged in the percentage commission package for using the system. This is the amount below which our commission cannot be. In case you are in a situation to pay the minimum invoice, contact us for business advice, in order to point out possible […]

How does Expedia work?

Expedia is a group of sites with over 50 websites present in the world. Most guests book from Western countries as well as from Scandinavia. Until this year, only facilities with 10 or more accommodation units in Montenegro could apply to this site. As one of the initiators for reducing […]

How does Booking work?

The largest online sales channel in the world. Together with its sub-sites and sub-agents it brings about 60% of all online reservations in our area. Most accommodation publishers are already registered on this sales channel, so there is a lot of competition around the fight for the guest, and it […]

Can guests cancel free on Airbnb?

Depending on your cancellation policy, guests are clearly indicated what the free cancellation period is. The guest can request a free cancellation of the reservation in the period when it is not possible according to your policy, so it is necessary to include the support of Airbnb in the communication, […]