How do guests pay with

Guests who book their accommodation through have the option of choosing the method of payment (by card or cash). Hotel Collect – means that the guest has chosen to pay in cash when he arrives at the facility. The method of paying the commission to Expedia in this situation […]

When do I get money from Airbnb?

Guests from Airbnb pay exclusively by card and the full amount at the time of booking. Airbnb will charge the guest, and will send you the net part that belongs to you the day after the check-in, retaining your commission.

How do I take action on Airbnb?

Action ie. You can make a promotion on Airbnb directly on your Airbnb profile by entering the calendar, marking dates for a specific type of accommodation and within the Rule-sets section, click on the Add rule-set option and set the desired discount. If you think it is easier for you, […]

How do I take action on Expedia?

Akciju tj. promociju možete napraviti direktno na extranetu u okviru dela Marketing > Promotions. Promocije za nije moguće praviti kroz OTA Sync sistem.Action ie. you can make a promotion directly on the extranet within Marketing> Promotions. Promotions for cannot be made through the OTA Sync system.

How do I cancel a reservation with Expedia?

What can be done from the beginning of 2020 is to cancel the reservation with Expedia, whether it is Expedia Collect or Hotel collect. First you need to log in to the Expedia extranet and then in the booking details there is a REQUEST TO CANCEL RESERVATION button that you […]

How do I cancel a reservation from Airbnb?

Canceling reservations through Airbnb is very complicated and you can end up with significant penalties if the owner cancels the reversion (that figure goes up to $ 100). It is very important that your calendar is up to date, so that you can always welcome guests from Airbnb. Also, Airbnb […]

How do I cancel a reservation from Booking?

When the guest makes a reservation, it is confirmed immediately and therefore it is not possible to cancel the reservation. Depending on your policies, the guest may cancel the booking using the link in their booking confirmation received by email or via their Booking account. In some cases, you can […]