How do guests pay with

Guests booking through pay money most often upon arrival, in cash or by card. If your cancellation policy states otherwise, then the guest may be required to pay in advance or be allowed to pay by card to a virtual card.

Why do I get overbooking?

Make sure you manually increase the availability of the room for a given period, that you may have made a change to an existing reservation on other dates without saving it, so that there is an overlap. If none of this is a problem, then contact us directly.

How do I connect the cash register?

To activate the connection with the cash register, you need to contact us directly. HCP and Galeb cash registers are currently supported, you need to have everything set up and make it clear to you what the tax rates are related to the items.

How do I change prices for a period?

Directly on the Calendar or as part of the PRICES / RESTRICTIONS option. On the Calendar, mark the price so that the day you start to make a change will open a screen for you to make the change, select a date range, and enter the value or variation you […]