How do I take action on Expedia?

Akciju tj. promociju možete napraviti direktno na extranetu u okviru dela Marketing > Promotions. Promocije za nije moguće praviti kroz OTA Sync sistem.Action ie. you can make a promotion directly on the extranet within Marketing> Promotions. Promotions for cannot be made through the OTA Sync system.

How do I take action on Airbnb?

Action ie. You can make a promotion on Airbnb directly on your Airbnb profile by entering the calendar, marking dates for a specific type of accommodation and within the Rule-sets section, click on the Add rule-set option and set the desired discount. If you think it is easier for you, […]

How do I pay the Expedia commission?

If the guest has chosen to pay directly to you (Hotel Collect) at the beginning of the month you will receive an invoice from Expedia for all such bookings (not including guest bookings that did not show up), which you pay in the same way as for For all […]

Why do I get overbooking?

Make sure you manually increase the availability of the room for a given period, that you may have made a change to an existing reservation on other dates without saving it, so that there is an overlap. If none of this is a problem, then contact us directly.