How does Booking work?

The largest online sales channel in the world. Together with its sub-sites and sub-agents it brings about 60% of all online reservations in our area. Most accommodation publishers are already registered on this sales channel, so there is a lot of competition around the fight for the guest, and it is most often reflected in the lower price of accommodation in our market.
Sites that work on the principle of the site are such that you adjust your cancellation policy and payment policy in advance. The guest pays exclusively to you and upon the guest’s departure the website issues you an invoice which you are obliged to pay within 15 days of receipt. Their commission is 15-18% per realized reservation.
You can set such a cancellation policy that the guest can cancel for free, which we advise you only in the off-season, and you can also set such a cancellation policy where you ask a certain amount (advance) from the guest before arrival to make a booking confirmation from you. You charge the advance via the POS terminal from the credit card that the guest leaves when booking. If you do not have a POS terminal, you can rent it at the bank, the cost is 15-25EUR per month, depending on the bank + 3% per transaction.

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