How does Expedia work?

Expedia is a group of sites with over 50 websites present in the world. Most guests book from Western countries as well as from Scandinavia. Until this year, only facilities with 10 or more accommodation units in Montenegro could apply to this site.
As one of the initiators for reducing that limit and with increasing demand for the Montenegrin market since the beginning of this year, the minimum number of units for working with this sales channel is 3, which opened this website to many private publishers.
The commission of this website is 18%.
With this website as well as with, you choose your cancellation policy.
For Expedia Group websites, payment is made by credit card – Expedia Collect (Virtual Card).
Namely, the guest pays money directly to the website after the reservation, as well as on the AirBnB website, the difference is that this sales channel does not send money through a bank account, but you only need a POS terminal, because for every reservation the website sends a Virtual MasterCard card number. is activated on the day of the guest’s arrival and without a POS terminal you cannot charge money from this site.

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